cap cycle vivo sb black
Cycling cap under the helmet. It keeps warm well and wicks away sweat, quickly drying. Fronts and earmuffs made of fabric to protect against cold and wind.

They perfectly adapt to the shape of the ears and at the same time do not sound the surroundings.

– solid material resistant to abrasion

– good thermal properties

– the material wicks moisture away and dries quickly.

– It has antibacterial and anti-odor properties

– elastic, well adjusts to the shape of the head during training
Size-Head circumference
S / M-approx. 50 cm
L / XL-approx. 54 cm

Brand: Vivo


Castelli Viva Thermo Skully Hat

castelli viva thermo skully hat

  1. Which does two things exceptionally well, fit under a helmet and resist the stupid looking line that I typically get on my forehead after removing other caps.
  2. Also, it was plenty warm in low 40 degree temps (only worn it once, so far).
  3. I just had the hat and an under amour shirt on, thats it!!!!<
  4. Kept head warm in 35 to 50 degree weather I was riding in.
  5. Wider than other brand, elastic band made this cap really comfortable.
  6. I like how it fits easily under my helmet without making me look like a cone head.
  7. I thought that it was so thin with so little insulation that it would never keep my big bald head warm.
  8. I took off for a winter evening ride as the sun was setting.
  9. I had to stop about 15 minutes into my ride to take it off because my head was so warm but definitely not sweaty.
  10. I started riding and stopped again after 10 minutes to put it back on because my head was freezing.
  11. I started home about two hours later when the temperature had dropped to about 55 degrees or a little less.
  12. My big bald head was nice and warm and my hands were a bit cold.
  13. I have a 7 5/8 hat size and this skull cap could be pulled down to cover 3/4 of my ears.
  14. I was so pleased with the quality and performance of this skull cap that I ordered the Casteli white summer cap so I don’t have to worry about putting sun screen on my head during California’s sunny days.

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