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Harrows is the largest manufacturer of darts in the world. Its headquarters are located in Hoddesdon, England, and from there all aspects related to design, production and distribution are controlled.

Harrows products are designed to fully meet the requirements of all players, both beginners and fully professional.

The company has been operating on the market for 35 years now and its products are available in more than one hundred countries throughout the world.

The VECTOR model-intended for the beginner player. It is characterized by an interesting set of colors and thin, brass barrels, which, thanks to the combination of aluminum shafts and V-Wing pens, create a tungsten appearance.

The darts have a plastic tip (Soft Tip), and are designed to play on electronic discs.

Technical specification: Barel Stainless steel

Shaft Anoised Aluminum

V-Wing 7709

Player level Medium-high level 6/9 *

Aerodynamic drag factor 0.56

Barefoot area gK 72<
Weight 18 gr

Brand: Harrows


Harrows Vector Étui à fléchettes Argent 18 cm

harrows vector Étui fléchettes argent cm

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