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The ACT Trail rucksack series was created for people looking for a functional and very light backpack for all kinds of activities.

This series also created a model for women with a capacity of 28L.

ACT Trail 24 backpack has one cocolmore to which access is possible from the side of the chimney or from the front through a wide spread running under the mesh pockets located at the front of the backpack. It has a large number of pockets-allowing you to properly segregate your luggage. On both sides there are side pockets, one of the second mesh is zipped and the pocket located on the front of the backpack has been made of elastic mesh to easily attach a helmet, jacket, etc.

The expander against the pocket allows you to reduce the backpack’s capacity or attachment additional luggage.

The nose system is two rows of aircontact foam filled pillows with transverse seals that allow air circulation.

The nose system additionally tightens the flexible Delrin pretest, allowing you to carry larger loads without distorting the shape of the backpack. In all ACT Trail series models, the anatomical hip belt has a new way of closure, by pulling both straps in front of you (such a belt fastening mechanism requires much less power to pull the straps and ensures a more accurate fit to the hips)

Brand: Deuter


Deuter ACT Trail 24 Hiking Backpack

deuter act trail hiking backpack

  1. Featuring a tough, breathable fabric with additional gear attachments and a sleek look, this go-to pack nails it for any outdoor adventure you find yourself in.
  2. Engineered for versatility, the ACT Trail makes the transition from trail to town a breeze.
  3. Adjustable, buckled mesh hip fins ensure a perfect fit while hauling camping gear, or they can quickly and easily be stowed away in Deuter’s Hip Fin Garage for a more streamlined silhouette that won’t snag when you’re hiking through city crowds.
  4. The ACT Trail 24 is ideal for hiking, mountain climbing, ski touring, and urban adventures.
  5. Every Deuter product tells a story and we are committed to the elements of those stories reflecting our dedication to sustainability, longevity, functionality, and family.
  6. Deuter back systems are designed to lighten heavy loads through innovative ventilation and stabilization features that keep the load close to the body and reduce perspiration by 15-25%.
  7. Special attention to ergonomics warrants a body hugging and precise fit with optimized load transfer to the hips to relieve the back and shoulders.
  8. Open cell Aircontact foam technology circulates air with every movement resulting in 15% less perspiration than other body contoured packs.
  9. Traveling for a year through Mexico and South America and this pack is so convenient.
  10. It easily fits in overhead bins and isn’t bulky or annoying to carry.
  11. I also have the Deuter ACT Trail Pro 40 Liter and between these 2 packs I am able to carry everything I need and have easy access to find my gear.
  12. If you utilize packing cubes with these packs you literally can access everything you have and never need dig through trying to find your gear.
  13. Even when the pack is full, I am still able to slide my laptop (Macbook air and its case) into the computer section, honestly it still surprises me that it is able to fit, I have no idea how!!
  14. Got a bit surprised by weight, but i guess it’s to be expected for the sturdiness.
  15. Kind of let down by the packaging though: there was a sticky residue left from it.
  16. Unfortunately, she has experienced some health issue and has not been able to use it.

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Deuter Deuter ACT Women’s Trail PRO 32 SL orange/Red Collapsible Water Bottle-orange

deuter deuter act women trail pro orange red collapsible water bottle orange

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