deuterium sachet belt spring anthracite
DEUTER BELT I is a very functional hip-hop with two pockets fastened with zips.

Equipped with a clip bar.

In a small pocket there is a straps with a carabiner to support keys, in the second large pocket an additional mesh partition.

Key features of the Belt I model:

– Large pocket with zipper
– Small pocket with zipper
– Reflective logo

Brand: Deuter


Deuter ACT Trail Pro 40 Ultralight Hiking Backpack

deuter act trail pro ultralight hiking backpack

  1. The ACT Trail 30 is ideal for hiking, mountain climbing, ski touring, and urban adventures.
  2. I use it for personal and business travel and have received compliments from coworkers on both the style and practicality.
  3. I was specifically looking for something that was NOT a laptop backpack (since I’ve already got an awesome Timbuk2 Commander messenger bag for that purpose) that would hold about a week’s worth of clothes and supplies for business trips.
  4. I was previously using a hard shell roller bag and I just prefer the convenience of a backpack when traveling at this point since I tend to travel on the lighter side.
  5. I have not yet used this bag for backpacking or hiking but plan to do so later this year when the U.S.
  6. Features I like about this bag:
    – it’s basically one big pouch with a pull-string at the top and a cover.
  7. The front is zippered to allow for easy packing & unpacking and/or access to the bottom of the bag.
  8. I like having the option for a hip belt – I use it for hiking and backpacking, but not business travel, and the ability to stow the hip belt makes this pack more versatile.
  9. The “bottle” pocket on this pack is deeper AND it has a clever pull-string to hold on to your whiskey!<
  10. I’m not that experienced a hiker or camper so I wouldn’t have thought to look for a pack with this feature (I’m a garbage bag guy) but this just seems clever.
  11. Not only is it more sturdy and more stylish than a garbage bag, but it’s a better fit around the pack.
  12. Plus, if you don’t need it you can detach it and use the stow pocket (outside, bottom of the bag) for something you DO need.
  13. There’s a key clasp inside a zippered pocket on the top cover of the pack – it’s the little things.
  14. When I park my car at the airport and get into the shuttle, I set the pack between my feet, unzip the top pocket, clip my car keys to the clasp, put my parking voucher in the pocket, and zip it back up.
  15. Similarly, when I’m in the shuttle on the way back to the parking lot, I can easily open the same top pocket to get everything.
  16. I also find myself using this pocket for phone chargers, snacks, even reading glasses or shades – things I need to get at frequently and easily.
  17. I’ve taken roughly a dozen trips with combined car, train, subway, walking, and airline travel, and the pack looks brand new.
  18. I would definitely buy this pack again (if it ever wears out) and I highly recommend it to others looking for a similar type of backpack.
  19. Some of my favorite things: the zipper at the bottom to access stuff that’s buried without having to dig everything out; a very comfortable light-weight waist belt that can be stored away when not in use but is substantial enough when you do use it; very firm, arched back that allows airflow between the pack and your back; a narrow profile; tightening straps for the shoulders to pull the pack closer if you need it (not something I’ve found on day packs though pretty standard for larger backpacks).
  20. I also have the Deuter ACT Trail Pro 24 Liter and between these 2 packs I am able to carry everything I need and have easy access to find my gear.
  21. The pack is comfortable to wear all day – the straps are adjustable and wide, and the waist belt helps keep the load centered and spread across your back.
  22. I stuffed a first aid kit, water, food, extra layers, binoculars, camera, etc for 3 kids plus me for a day hike.
  23. It has plenty of padding, but the frame doesn’t hold the pack off of your back like some (ex: Osprey’s AG packs), so you can get a little warmer wearing it in hot weather.
  24. I suspect it might be a tad long for the official carry-on size, but it if it isn’t over-stuffed, it doesn’t look it.
  25. The pack fit under the seat on the plane, and was great to walk around the city – small enough to not look like I’d hiked in from out of town.
  26. Main compartment zipper access is a nice feature when loading or unloading.
  27. Cons: Could use an additional external pocket or two, tiny pocket on waist belt it pretty useless.
  28. Bottle holder pocket is kind of small and difficult to reach with the pack on – better to have the internal bladder installed.
  29. Would be nice if waist belt was either removable or stowable for use in those “off label” situations.
  30. I was looking for a light, 2 or 3 day pack and I came upon this one.
  31. It has “ice pick” and climbing components that I will never use, but those same provisions work fantastically for attaching gear for far less intense hiking and camping endeavors.
  32. The frame is light and comfortable and it definitely distributes the weight across the body.
  33. One of the most comfortable riding & durable packs in the small volume (35-40L) range.
  34. I especially like the multiple access points to the main compartment.
  35. Access is easy, plenty of pockets, minimal exterior straps saves clutter while cinching up tight.

Buy Deuter ACT Trail Pro 40 Ultralight Hiking Backpack here $129.00 – $340.44

Deuter Climber Kid’s Hiking Backpack

deuter climber kid hiking backpack

  1. This mini alpine pack is robust, comfortable and can be used for ski touring, climbing, or taking on day hikes up high.
  2. With many integrated features from Deuter’s Guide Lite series, this pack is a great go-to for long days on the trail.
  3. Every Deuter product tells a story, and Deuter is committed to the elements of those stories reflecting their dedication to sustainability, longevity, functionality, and family.
  4. Deuter is beyond proud to partner with the Fair Wear Foundation who supports their commitment to higher work and supply chain conditions and Bluesign who eliminates harmful substances throughout the manufacturing process by controlling standards for an eco concious and safe production.
  5. Hip belt not ultra-padded but with a light load sufficient to transfer most of weight to his hips.
  6. Torso length not adjustable, but load lifters on shoulder straps did work well to vary weight on shoulders.
  7. He loved having a technical pack that looked similar to my pack.
  8. I packed on 6 days worth of clothing plus 2 pair of shoes and a bag with toiletries in it.
  9. It’s light, and she was able to carry this on her own, fully packed.

Buy Deuter Climber Kid’s Hiking Backpack here

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