backpack deuterium compact lite papaya white

backpack deuterium compact lite papaya white 1
One of the smallest backpacks in the Deuter collection-designed for the most active users, requiring a minimalistic, well-fitting and ultra-light backpack.

The Compact Lite 8 backpack thanks to the downward-looking construction of the backpack, works better with the torsional movements of the trunk.

The rally was created by Deuter brand specialists, for the needs of cyclists, skaters, runners or people practicing active forms of skiing.

The backpack uses a proven Airstripes system. Two rows of cushions made of foam covered with mesh Mesh-provide optimal fit of the backpack and air circulation, and up to 80% of the back surface! In addition, the shoulder and hip straps are made of a special mesh-for maximum heat and moisture removal at all levels. Compact Lite 8 model has a main compartment with a compartment for a beech or wet clothing. In addition, in the front part of the backpack you will find a wide-open organizing partition-with space for a phone call, keys or other essentials. The backpack in the set has a rain cover, hidden in a small pocket at the bottom of the backpack. The most important features:

– Airstripes nose system for a perfect fit and effective ventilation;

– Special shoulder and hip belts-made of durable mesh;

– Rain cover included;

– Container shell-up to 3 liters capacity;

– Shaded side panels;

– Wide opening front compartment with space for small items;

– Waist and chest belt for maximum stability of the backpack at the body;

– Adjustment of the chest belt also in positiongora / dol;

– Sewn in petelki to attach a bicycle helmet;

– Two-way zippers with the possibility of their joint foiling;

– The sliders of the most renowned producer were used-YKK®;

Materials used: 100D Pocket Rip Mini / Microrip-Nylon

Brand: Deuter


Deuter Compact Lite 8 w/ 3L Res.

deuter compact lite l res

    Buy Deuter Compact Lite 8 w/ 3L Res. here $78.25

    Deuter Sun Roof/Rain Cover

    deuter sun roof rain cover

    1. Our little man doesn’t love keeping his hat on, but we don’t have to worry about it or fight him with the shade on.
    2. It provides plenty of coverage without sacrificing breathability.
    3. It also comes with a packable rain cover, though it only covers the top half of your rider.
    4. If substantial rain is in the forecast, I’d recommend the full kid/pack cover.
    5. Easy to insert and never the feeling it’s going to pull out.
    6. Elastic clips easy to release for easy kid loading/unloading.
    7. I would recommend only keeping the elastic clips hooked into the loops when in use (like don’t store it or leave it sitting around with the sun roof fully installed and clipped).
    8. My thought is that keeping the elastic clips free, it will help keep the elastic, elastic, and the backbone of the cover from weakening or taking on a curved shape unnecessarily.
    9. Doesn’t get in the way and provides plenty of head clearance for parent and kid.
    10. Because you can easily remove this shade from the pack, it makes it all the easier to throw it in the car when you’re done instead of having to worry about extra height added to the pack permanently.
    11. I am 6’1” (165lb) and have no trouble with it, it is very comfortable and our kid loves hanging out in it.
    12. We did buy the cover as when it rains or it’s sunny out, it provides a nice layer of protection.
    13. The only thing is, my wife is 5’4” and skinny, and for her the bag was hard to adjust for comfort (her shoulders), but she still loved hiking with it and didn’t care about comfort as long as the baby was happy.
    14. For some reason, the title said it comes with the rain cover, but ours did not, something to keep an eye on as we ended up buying ours separate.
    15. The slots make it easy to install, but the clips to hold down the front take time to install and remove.
    16. You cannot take your child out unless it is removed, but I would probably just slip out the back rods rather than unclip the front for fast and easy child removal.
    17. It folds and bends for simple storage on the back of my pack.
    18. Also the rain cover is stored inside the roof cover zipper pocket.
    19. We bought it for a family vacation in the southwest and it was wonderful.
    20. We haven’t tested it in the rain yet, but it works great for the sun.
    21. I only wish there was an easier way to store it when not in use.
    22. Also, depending on who’s carrying the pack, it can poke you in the back of the head constantly.
    23. It also seems like the attachments weren’t thought through very well.
    24. The shade attaches in the front ok, but once the rain cover goes over it, it pulls the shade lower and prevents him from being able to see very well.
    25. It didn’t keep him dry, but I feel this could have been designed better for how much these things cost.
    26. We used this camping for our 9 month old and he was able to enjoy our hikes and even nap in the carrier without the sun beating down on him.
    27. I bought this sunshade because the installation looked really similar to the Eddie Bauer.
    28. The slots on the EB are further apart but when I twisted one side just a little it fit really well.
    29. It also twists to fold and fits perfectly in the pocket for the hydration bladder.
    30. I didn’t know it came with the actual rain cover, that made me very happy.

    Buy Deuter Sun Roof/Rain Cover here $29.00

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