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Deuter Kids is an amazing product designed for the first expeditions under the supervision of vigilant parents, the backpack itself is designed for children from 3 years of age.
The Deuter brand is known throughout the world for the production of advanced special backpacks, with attention and care also approached Kids series.

A refined shape and interesting style, will satisfy even the most demanding young people, and for their parents will be a peace of mind, thanks to a properly chosen nasal system.

Interesting thing is to put a flexible "tablet" inside the Deuter’s backpack in which we can put the necessary contact details to increase the safety of the child.

The capacity of the backpack is 12 liters-just perfect for a trip with parents.

The large main compartment and two additional zippered pockets accommodate all the small items.

Side pockets made of mesh with elastic pullers, will be the perfect place to put your favorite drink.

The rear has been appropriately contoured and filled with soft, breathable foam, which triggers the comfort and circulation of air to protect the child’s back when carrying angular objects.

The belly straps have been appropriately contoured.

They were made of soft foam covered with materials that did not cause chafing.

Brand: Deuter


Deuter Schmusebar Backpack – Kid’s

deuter schmusebar backpack kid s

  1. We bought one for my 7 year old daughter in Switzerland and we loved it so much we ordered the same one for my 5 year old son.
  2. It is definitely not for school, but is perfect for the kids to tote along toys or books to entertain them on road, train or plane trips.
  3. It is small and comfortable- my daughter has worn hers all through Thailand, Switzerland, Germany and France.
  4. It fits her lunchbox for school and several other items as well.
  5. I purchased it for my son who was 4 years old and less than 40lbs.
  6. It is a miniature of an adult pack, sewn to last (all 3 of my boys have worn Deuters).
  7. These rucksacks are very durable and fine for wee ones’ needs.
  8. Filled with snacks, a flashlight, water, (and did I mention more snacks?), this pack will keep your kids happy.
  9. Cannot be overfilled because of small space, (which is what you want really).
  10. I rigged them to suspend a 1/2 litre Platypus water bottle from inside the top and its drinking tube out over one shoulder.
  11. This takes up one third the space inside but hey you’re not hiking the Appalachian Trail.
  12. The chest-snap makes the pack “like mommy’s and daddy’s” and is practical too.
  13. Honestly the best thing of all is these packs can be adjusted snug to top of back & shoulders, therefore do not droop low like a bookbag- you know focusing weight so low just amplifies the misery.
  14. To accomplish this task, I ordered two of these for a niece (3 and half years old) and nephew (3 years old).
  15. The little bear was a selling point as was the price and the reviews.
  16. The result was priceless: the kids loved their packs and they packed them.
  17. We added water bottles and they fit in the outside pocket.
  18. My 3 year old loves it to bring her stuff (1 change of cloths, nightgown, baby doll, blankey, water bottle, snacks) to grandmas house for a sleepover.
  19. I was a little concerned on how it would work with him only being 20 months of age, but it fits his little body perfectly, and he loves to fill it up with all of his favorite toys!!!<
  20. We bought it when he was five and it’s perfect for hiking, plane rides, running errands where he might have to sit for a little while.
  21. Deuter makes great quality backpacks, and I will never hesitate to buy another.
  22. My grandson loved it and puts his to go things in it every time they head for a journey.
  23. My 2 year old can carry his little toys on the plane for vacations, but is VERY VERY TINY.
  24. He had another little backpack but it wasnt stiff enough to stay against his back.

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