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Table tennis set from the renowned German company Donic Schildkrot.

The kit contains:

– 2 racket Ovtcharov 400

– 3 white balls 1 * Elite

– zippered cover with a handle for easy carrying.

Brand: Donic Schildkröt

donic schildkröt

MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle Advanced Training Table Tennis Racket With Carry Case ( 2PCS)

mapol star professional ping pong paddle advanced training table tennis racket w

  1. They put heavy spin on the ball and are exactly what I had in mind.
  2. I would definitely recommend them as an inexpensive solution to crappy basic table tennis paddles!<
  3. No they’re not the best I’ve used but for that price and you’re getting two of them, wow!
  4. The spin you can put on the ball with these is actually really good as well which is mainly what I was looking for.
  5. Great deal, I would recommend them to anyone who is just playing at home and for fun but also to someone a little more competitive like myself.
  6. One of my co-workers even preferred these over his old stiga because of that.
  7. The size of the paddle seems to have about 1/2 cm more diameter than the stiga paddles.
  8. If paddle size matters for professional play, just fiy

    2 for a low price is definitely a really good deal for unsure players to try out spinney ping pong and help decide if you or your friend needs to get baller pro paddles.

  9. If it gets dusty, an occasional wet napkin can restore the grip to the rubber

    I honestly might prefer a lighter paddle.

  10. It is definitely quite a bit heavier probably due to the type of wood or size.
  11. The weight also contributes to making the non so perfect finish on the wood more bothersome, and the edges more sharp and digs into your skin.
  12. I needed a couple of paddles since I figured if we have a ping pong table I might as well use it.
  13. I play a finesse game rather than power and these paddles are perfect for that type of game as they are fantastically sticky and allow you to put a great amount of spin on the ball.
  14. They weigh about twice as much as your typical ping pong paddle so be prepared to be surprised with the wait, personally I really like it, but some people think it’s too heavy.
  15. I have deducted one star because one of my two paddles broke when I slapped my hand.
  16. I tend to slap the paddle into my hand when I do something good or bad and apparently I slapped it too hard and broke the paddle.
  17. I don’t feel like I slapped it nearly hard enough to actually have broken it so I pulled one star off for durability but in reality that’s not typical use of a ping pong paddle and shouldn’t cause anybody else any problems.
  18. I bought a second pair just in case something happens to my last one I like them so much!<
  19. They have a strong “glue” smell when initially removing from all packaging.
  20. This decreases over time, but even a few days later it’s fairly noticeable.
  21. For my medium sized hand, the bottom edge is a bit irritating to the palm.
  22. The balls that come with the set are garbage and should be thrown away.
  23. They won’t bounce consistently nor will maintain their circular shape for long.
  24. The rubber is pretty great for the price and will allow you to generate strong spin when brushing a ball.
  25. The sponge is reasonably thick to allow a good degree of control.
  26. The speed is not very fast, but especially as a beginner, that is a good trait.
  27. They are so much better than the cheap paddles with the knobs.
  28. So far they have stood up to probably 50 games with no problem.
  29. My friend even threw it into the concrete wall by accident and nothing.
  30. I hit it on the corner of the table and put a little scuff in rubber.
  31. I highly recommend for the average player, it allows you to put spin on the ball.
  32. The only thing I would complain is it is too lively at times and hard to control.
  33. Allows me to put a lot of top spin on the ball when returning it.

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