a double holder to ski TSD titanium sport

a double holder to ski TSD titanium sport 1
Double holder for TSD15 Titanium Sport.

A double swivel grip designed for practicing many muscle groups while working with the lift.


Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

callaway golf hyper lite stand bag

  1. Have had it for a month now and have taken it out on the course and to the range over a dozen times.
  2. It has a ton of storage, super lightweight and looks great!
  3. Love that the straps can be adjusted two different ways which really helps since I’m a 5’5 woman that plays with men’s clubs.
  4. My only complaint is that, as some other people have shared, it can get a little crowded with a full set of clubs.
  5. Love the divider design, but my irons tend to rub against one another while I’m walking with my clubs.
  6. All-in-all and after a TON of research on half a dozen other stand bags before purchasing this one, it definitely is an awesome buy for the money!
  7. Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable, good-looking, durable yet lightweight stand bag with a ridiculous amount of storage.
  8. Balances on my back well enough with the clubs, no tipping nor spillage.
  9. Let’s see if this bag lasts longer than my old Ogio what broke after 2 seasons.
  10. He loves the light weight of it and that it has stands.
  11. Would recommend for the older golfers because it is easier to carry.
  12. Has all the storage you need and carries like a normal backpack.
  13. Would like a couple of more clips for hanging towels and such, but still a great bag.
  14. Haven’t taken it out yet but from initial setup it is great.

Buy Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag here $159.99

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