cast iron dumbbell kg xkg case

cast iron dumbbell kg xkg case 1
This set of two dumbbells with cast-iron plates of different weight and a suitcase is a great way to diversify every workout. Dumbbells are recommended at every stage of the body exercise-both beginners and advanced, because thanks to the universal diameter of the neck you can regulate the load according to your own needs, preferences, as well as the level of training advancement.

The set is characterized by exceptional durability and a long process of its exploitation, as well as a very solid execution-of the highest quality materials. It was also produced with strict quality standards. It is ideal in the process of expanding muscle mass and sculpture of the upper body and cancer.

Hard rubber grips allow precise lifting. Comfortable, handy suitcase allows you to easily move the dumbbell.

Offered at a very attractive price.

The length of the neck is 35.5 centimeters, and its diameter is 2.4 centimeters.

The internal diameter of the load aperture is about 27 millimeters (tolerance -/- 1 mm)

The weight of the plates is 2.0 kg, 1.5 kg and 0.75 kg.

The weight of the neck with nuts-1.5 kilograms. Steel grip


Weight-2×10 kg

Neck length-35.5 cm


Number of griffins-2 pcs.

Neck diameter-24 mm<
Int. Diameter load-27 mm (tolerance -/- 1 mm)

Loading diameter 2.0 kg 14.8 cm

Load diameter 1.5 kg 13.4 cm

Loading diameter 0.75 kg 10,9 cm

Star clamp-4 pcs

The weight of the neck itself-1,25 kg

Cast iron plate –– 4 x 2.0 kg

– 4 x 1.5 kg

– 4 x 0.75 kg

Suitcase-YES (dimensions: 39x31x9,2 cm)

The set includes:– 2 x steel griffin

– 4 x threaded star clamp

– 4 x 0.75 kg

– 4 x 1.5 kg

– 4 x 2.0 kg

– suitcase

Brand: Sportia


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