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Weigh with a handle.

Training with weights is comparable to exercising with dumbbells, but differs from them in that it is unbalanced. Unlike typical dumbbells or barbells, weights are shifted to the center of gravity, This causes that its mass has constant pressure on the muscles of the forearm, increasing their strength and endurance.

Training with weights requires not only balance and coordination during exercises, but also the involvement of a large amount of muscles throughout the body. The advantage of training with a weigher is that it involves muscles that are rarely strengthened, working on the gym: this applies to the entire body, from stop to neck.

– material: plastic filled cement-sand mixture

– rubber pads on the bottom

– contoured ergonomic handle

– Weight: 10 kg

Brand: Spokey


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Fitness-Mad Kettlebell

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  1. I love the rubber coating that protects the bell and whatever it comes in contact with.

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