dynamic line Ocun spirit mm green

dynamic line Ocun spirit mm green 1
Dynamic rope Ocun Spirit 9.5 mm 70 m-green is designed to provide a high level of safety and ease of use in the course of rock and ice-intensive roads.

An additional marker will allow you to mark the center of the rope.

The Ocun Spirit 9.5 mm dynamic rope, in addition to its relatively low weight, is extremely easy to use. When working in the instrument, it is much easier to avoid the phenomenon of twisting, and also comfortably take it into the espresso machine.

This model, due to its construction, will work both in humid surroundings during ice climbing and during summer trips to the rocks. Impregnation slows down soaking, which will slow the soaking of the rope in case of contact with rain or snow.

The rope additionally has a distinguishable colored mark in its middle.

Additional color marker Midpoint Marking for individual rope marking.


Rope type-dynamic / single

Diameter-9.5 mm

Number of fallouts UIAA-9

Impact force-7.4 kN

Static elongation-5, 7%

Dynamic elongation-38%

Weight-60 g / m


Purpose-Climbing in scales and ice


EN-892- A1

Brand: Ocun

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