easy tent camp tent jester green macaw bedded

easy tent camp tent jester green macaw bedded 1
A self-empty tent for two people. Just take it out of the package and just "throw it" in the air so that it can spread itself. Now you do not have to play with the tedious matching of the stele.

All you need to do is "pinch" him and punch him well.

The Jester tent is perfect for any occasion when you do not want to waste time laying down.


Number of persons-2

Tropic-180T polyester PU coated,

Water resistance-1500 mm

Size after packing-76 x 5 cm

Weight-about 2.1 kg

Number of rooms-1



Palaki-Glass fiber 6.0 mm

Folding type-Pop-up

Brand: easy camp

easy camp

CHILLBO CABBINS Best 2 Person Tent with Cool Patterns ULTIMATE HOLIDAY CAMPING GEAR GIFT for Backpacking Car Camping Music Festivals Family Camping Tents for Camping Sleeps 2-3

chillbo cabbins best person tent with cool patterns ultimate holiday camping gea

  1. Built to withstand the elements using premium materials such as a Full Fly Sheet, Oxford Flooring, 2000mm Waterproofing with all seams sealed to keep you dry.
  2. Internal pockets for storage and cross-wound poles for extra strength.
  3. Our roomy carry bag ensures you don’t need to wrestle with your tent to get it back into the bag.
  4. STORMPROOF AND SPACIOUS 2 person tent or cosy 3 person tent keeps you safe from the elements.
  5. The Chillbo Cabbins camp tent has a covered entryway and wind responsive frame for quick, easy shelter while backpacking or hiking.
  6. No-See-Um mesh protects you from little critters so you can chill in comfort.
  7. EASY ACCESS & GREAT VENTILATION via 2 large D-frame doors and cross-ventilation from 2 mesh window panels make this the ultimate backpacking tent to add to your hiking gear.
  8. END OF WINTER SUPER SALE ✅ Stock Up & SAVE with Chillbo while the weather is frosty!!
  9. Summer is just around the corner, but why pay more later when you can snag a ripping deal out of season!
  10. We are a US-based company (hello from New York and San Francisco!) that was tired of the same drab color schemes with tents.
  11. We created our range of tents to provide a super comfy home away from home that stands out from the crowd.
  12. With the Chillbo Cabbins you’ll always be able to find your unique tent and you’ll look fabuloso when you’re in the great outdoors.
  13. So, what does quality construction look like I hear you ask?<
  14. Check out our reviews and you’ll see that the Chillbo Cabbins stands up to the rigors of Mother Nature.
  15. Premium Oxford flooring to give you a softer and more luxurious base for your tent.
  16. No-See-Um mesh to protect you and your loved ones from critters.
  17. GREAT VENTILATION from the two entries and two mesh window panels that allow for a nice cross-breeze whichever way the wind is blowing.
  18. SHELTERED ENTRYWAY that provides cover from the elements so you can take off (and store) those muddy boots before you get all cosy inside your tent.
  19. With 6 bold patterns to choose from, your home away from home will stand out from the crowd wherever you find yourself.
  20. Stick a light inside and watch your Chillbo Cabbins pop.
  21. We’re committed to standing behind the quality of our products, and will always bend over backwards to make sure you’re chuffed with your Chillbo!<
  22. There are plenty of sturdy functional tents on the market but then tend to be of a monochrome boring variety.
  23. And then there are funky novelty tents that no real camping enthusiast would use.
  24. Here I struck the lucky balance of cool-looking dome that is well designed and built out of sturdy materials.
  25. At about 8 lbs, it is light but not ultra-light, I wouldn’t recommend going for a weeklong backpacking trip with this thing on your back.
  26. The set-up is stupid easy; even a moron like me didn’t need to look up the instructions.
  27. Everything is included like the guy lines and the pegs.
  28. You know when you get your tent/another piece of camping equipment that comes in a nice super-compact package – and after you use that equipment just once, everything expands and there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD that thing can fit back into its own bag?
  29. Well, this tent’s stuff bag is expandable so you can shove the puffed up tent into it and then the compression straps can bring the entire affair back to the original size.
  30. The description says “storm-proof” but there haven’t been any storms in my corner of California so far this summer, thus I cannot comment on that claim yet.
  31. It’s all nice and neat, easy to pull everything out and everything has its own bag or compartment that it is put in.
  32. We love, love, love the pattern; so fun and bright and colorful!
  33. It was very easy to put together I did it with my 12 year old in about 10 minutes.
  34. We also love the fact that it has two doors, then you don’t have to crawl over someone if you have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!
  35. Love the ventilation thanks to the mesh tent and the fly away is so easy to attach and unattach if you choose to.
  36. Breaking it down is just as easy as putting it up was and as I said before everything has its place for you to pack it up nice and neat.
  37. We decided to try it out and put it out in the backyard for a couple nights and it sleeps great, very roomy.
  38. I mostly bought this one so I could use it without the rain cover to view the stars at night.
  39. I’m also a tall person, 6’2″ and the tent is a little small for me.
  40. I can fit but I touch the walls so am better if I sleep at a bit of a diagonal.
  41. Most times when I use the rain cover I don’t peg it out and just let it rest against the tent.
  42. It is a little tough to pin it down everywhere it needs to be, especially of the ground is hard.
  43. The thing I like least about the tent is that with the rain cover on, the only way to open/close the windows is to get out of the tent, and with the cover on that means opening two doors!<
  44. I took this on two trips where I flew to my destination and it fit in a smaller suitcase!<
  45. I needed a new car camping/festival tent and this print was so cute, I couldn’t pass it up.
  46. It will definitely sleep 3 and still be comfy and I really like the extra space the rain fly creates, sort of like a front porch where I’ll be able to keep stuff outside the tent (muddy shoes!).
  47. Also the rain fly actually snap clips to the bottom of the tent which is a vast improvement on the hooks that my other tent has (such a pain).
  48. I don’t know if I’d use this tent to go backpacking, but it’s medium weight and packs down pretty small so I might if I wanted extra space.
  49. I set it up alone and it took me 5 – 10 minutes so if you want to do a solo trip it can be done no problem with this tent.
  50. If you’re looking for a badass looking affordable tent, this is it!<
  51. I think the hype is likely around the patterns they offer, which I don’t care for.
  52. I bought this for myself but it quickly is becoming the family tent!
  53. Price is unbeatable, layout and functionality is great.

Buy CHILLBO CABBINS Best 2 Person Tent with Cool Patterns ULTIMATE HOLIDAY CAMPING GEAR GIFT for Backpacking Car Camping Music Festivals Family Camping Tents for Camping Sleeps 2-3 here

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent, Toilet, Camp Shower, Portable Changing Room

lightspeed outdoors xtra wide quick set privacy tent toilet camp shower portable

  1. Seller Warranty DescriptionLightspeed Outdoors offers to the original purchaser, a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
  2. Lightspeed Outdoors warrants that this item will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.
  3. Lightspeed Outdoors will replace the item or the component found to be defective during the warranty period.
  4. If the item is no longer available, a similar product of equal or greater value will be provided.
  5. I sent two emails to the seller and neither were answered.
  6. I live in Hawaii and I recently used it for a shower during our beach camp out.
  7. Heavy duty, easy to set up and breakdown and with all the options of hooks and compartments made showering that much more easy.
  8. Excellent product Lightspeed and once again beyond satisfied.
  9. Staked down, it lasted through a full night of wind and rain.
  10. Being new, the inside stayed dry with a little dripping around the roof vents.
  11. Also the roof straps held over 3 gallons of water in the shower bag.
  12. There is an art to balancing the bag with that much water but it’s manageable.
  13. One thing I learned, you need to manage the tensions of your staked out lines so the door is easy to open and close.
  14. I would recommend this because it’s light and easy to set up.
  15. I’ve seen other that are heavier and cost more with a bit more strength but the Lightspeed has worked out great for our family camps.
  16. Used it for the bi-annual swap meet we go to and camp out.
  17. They do provide toilets, but not always clean – I bought this to have privacy changing, showering, toilet area – it was wonderful!
  18. Got lots of compliments on it – especially from other ladies, who wanted to know where I bought it and for how much.
  19. I like the detachable bottom that clips up to the side of the tent – also gives extra privacy in super sunny areas.
  20. Strap for towel, shelf for solar heated water bag, well made.
  21. Those swimming noodles needed for the lake, but where the heck do you put them when not swimming!
  22. Purchased this to pair with my pop up camper’s outdoor shower.
  23. The included interior pouches are handy for holding toiletries and the overhead shower head holder is very versatile and worked great.
  24. Great quality, very convenient, and folds up and stores neatly.
  25. So easy to set up & take down, very spacious, sturdy “if you stake it out”…

Buy Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent, Toilet, Camp Shower, Portable Changing Room here

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