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Flexible laces that will help you to leave the second zone of change faster. From now on, putting on your shoes is a moment! In the set there are 3 pairs, so that you can not only match the equipment in color, but also avoid the cumbersome conversion between different pairs of shoes.


Colors included –
– Black

– White

– Rozowy

Brand: Huub


INMAKER No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults (2 Pairs), Elastic Shoelaces for Sneakers, Silicone Flat Tieless Running Shoe Laces

inmaker tie shoelaces for kids and adults pairs elastic shoelaces for sneakers s

  1. Seniors and those in recovery don’t need to stretch their backs and bend knees to lace knots, which might lead to potential injury and harm.
  2. You never worry about your kids’ shoes when you are not with them.
  3. No being stumbled, no lagging behind by unexpected loosen shoelaces.
  4. Permanent elasticity for easy wearing and long-term using.
  5. Elastic silicone shoelaces securely wrap sides and top of your foot.
  6. Elastic lock design combines well with shoes and prevents popping out.
  7. Fabric-like texture won’t make your shoes look casual or immature.
  8. Whether you have wide or narrow feet, they satisfy your needs.
  9. How many shoes must a man re-tie, before he gonna save some time?
  10. How many laces must a man re-tighten, before he wants some fit shoes?<
  11. No matter whom you are, athletes in the field needing less distraction, players on court needing flexible support, mamas needing assistance dealing with over active kids, patients having difficulty in moving.
  12. Why not get rid of these nasty tying or lacing up things and focus on your precious life?<
  13. Graduated lengths are for better tightness so please don’t need to follow them one by one.
  14. Picking one pc that is as long as length between two grommets/eyelets fits most shoes on the market.
  15. Stiff blunt ended tool might be needed since grommets/eyelets vary.
  16. Please refer to size recommendation image on the above.
  17. If you would like your shoes tighter, cross installation will help.
  18. No tie shoelaces are made strong and thick for connection.
  19. It might not be easy to install the first time but as a once for all solution, you gonna save lots of time and effort in the future.
  20. Stiff blunt ended tools/pliers/tweezers are recommended for shoes with small grommets/eyelets.
  21. These are selected food grade silicone with long lasting elasticity.
  22. Strict quality tests are undertaken for every single piece.
  23. Return & refund is guaranteed if there should be defectives.
  24. Foot’s Arch Support Insoles for Flat Feet, Relieve Pain from Plantar Fasciitis,…
  25. Unfortunately for me no matter which pair of my Shoes i try them on, 1 or 2 pieces keep getting loose and popping out.
  26. Isn’t as comfortable as expected but that’s possibly because I had gotten use to wearing my vans without laces before using these.
  27. Giving 3 stars because I mostly wanted then for my son’s shoes.
  28. After putting in these laces my tennis shoes where simple to slip on and off and they fit perfectly.
  29. My only issue is when it was time to change the color I could not take these no tie shoelaces off.
  30. It looks like I will need to cut them off if I want to change the shoelaces.
  31. This is my only issue with them and why I gave a 3 star.
  32. I am so thankful for your ingenuity in producing this products.
  33. Now, I can walk with my middle school grandson without constantly telling him to tie his shoes.
  34. The only problem I had with them is that most of the laces were too long.
  35. As you can see in the image, the longer ones shown are not very useful.
  36. If they came with more of the middle to smaller length laces, this would be perfect.
  37. Imagine fitting a giant couch through a super small door.
  38. Then you have to do it 29 stinking times to make shoe laces.
  39. I worry about breaking them when I try to take them out.
  40. If one breaks, the whole set is ruined for fitting properly.
  41. They love these, especially the elderly, and the young who have not mastered the art of shoelace tying!
  42. My sons shoes look so much more neat and polished without long laces which constantly become untied.

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