wheel electric classic i master power
Electronic darts for darts, darts, German company Carromco


– Shield only for use with plastic arrowheads-Soft

– 6 LED displays (4 standard, 2 cricket)

– Suitable for 1-8 players.

– 36 games, 585 variations (01 Games, League, Count Up, Round the Clock, Shanghai, High Score, Killer, Shoot-Out, 9 Lives, Cricket, No Cricket Score, Cut Throat Cricket, Killer Cricket, Scram Cricket, Low Pitch Cricket, English Cricket, Double Only, Color, Bonus Color, Correctional Color, No Score Color, Free-Dart Color, Overs, Unders, Halvet-It, Big-6, Forty-One, Bingo, Double Down, 21 Points, Nine Dart Century, Football, Shooting I, Shooting II, Shooting III, Shooting IV)

– Sound effects with the possibility of switching on and off.

– Automatic shutdown in case of inactivity.

– Handicape.

– Possibility to play with the computer.

– Multi-language instruction

– Additional accessories: 6 Soft darts, 20 additional spears

Brand: Carromco


FBSPORT 6.5inch Silicone Scratch Protector Cover Case For 2 Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter

fbsport inch silicone scratch protector cover case for wheels self balancing ele

  1. Keep the self balancing scooter from scratch,Easy to clean,plug on or off.
  2. Accurate access to all buttons and holes, make Scooter comfortably and non-slip.
  3. The silicon cover wraps around the hoverboard and stays in place.
  4. It doesn’t cover the bottom part of the hoverboard, unfortunately; although I imagine it is so the hoverboard doesn’t overheat.
  5. Can’t say much about is durability as I’ve only had it for a week.
  6. So far I’m happy with the product and I would recommend it.
  7. It is lying on her computer desk for now and not being used.
  8. Still a good buy and im sure will get used after she scratch up the fe ders.
  9. Then they were scratch to heck all over again and soon, much sooner then later, I knew they would be cracked and broke again.
  10. Returned the one my hunny hadn’t put on yet and bought these rubber coverings instead.
  11. The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because if you look at the pictures, the black and white one has two “nubs” that are bent to much “out” and don’t stay tightly inside the holes.
  12. I may request a return for that because I would think it will eventually rip the rubber.
  13. I had uploaded a ton of pictures via my cell but they are not appearing.
  14. It saved the board from getting scratched on day 1 while learning to ride it.
  15. Other than that it seems like it’s of good enough quality.
  16. I cannot speak to its durability because it did it fit our hoverboard.
  17. Does anyone know which model will?)
    It seems easy enough to put on but I do not know how easy it would be if I were putting it in the correct model of scooter that it was meant to fit.
  18. It was the right color, but does not fit or stay on the hoverboard.

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