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bottle Esbit drinking ml bottle silver ml 1
Esbit Drinking Bottle 800ml is a steel bottle for drinks with an extremely comfortable mouthpiece. Perfect for any active person, regardless of the sport they grow.

Stainless steel used to make the bottle has been specially selected for this task, which is why it is the best quality. It does not smell fragrances and flavors from poured drinks. It also does not emit any toxins that can happen with standard bottles.

The outer surface prevents the bottle from slipping out of the hand.

The bottle is handy and it can be comfortably held while running. It will also fit in an unpacked backpack or a belt designed for runners.

A screwed stopper with a seal protects against unexpected spills. It has a closed mouthpiece, which facilitates the dispensing of the drink.

The mouthpiece is covered, so it will not be accidentally soiled. Dimensions: 253 x A 73 mm Weight: 195 g Capacity: 0.8 l

Brand: Esbit


Water Bottle Insulated – Cold 24 Hours Hot 12 Hours – 21 OZ – 50 OZ, Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Vacuum Thermos with Medal Strainer by HvDrink

water bottle insulated cold hours hot hours oz stainless steel wide mouth vacuum

  1. Double wall insulation makes this sports/camping water bottle sweat-free, so no coaster/cover needed!
  2. This vacuum insulated water bottle can keep your cold drink perfectly chilled up to 24 hours or your coffee, hot drink hot for up to 12 hours.
  3. So you can carry the water bottle comfortably, whether it was full of boiling water or a pack of ice!
  4. Also, this will hydro guide you and keep you healthy in almost any activity!
  5. FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The powder coat exterior finish is a classic.
  6. It assures that you stand out with a very durable and simple modern shape bottle.
  7. The wide-mouth opening makes this double walled vacuum insulated water bottle easier to fill up and clean.
  8. Fashion design let you carry it easily while camping, hiking, or doing any other outdoor sports.
  9. Offer colors: Black, Red, Army Green and Original Stainless Steel.
  10. NO LEAKS: The travel water bottle comes with a leak proof, insulated cap.
  11. Just put this portable sports water bottle in your gym bag or the side pouch of your backpack and you are ready to go!
  12. This bottle keeps your drinks cold & hot for many hours!
  13. It will also never sweat no matter what the drink temperature.
  14. So it’s time to say goodbye to plastic water bottles now!<
    This new and improved double walled bottle is 30% lighter but still strong as ever!
  16. This sleek and rugged sports water bottle is made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel that will not break.
  17. With the 18/8 stainless steel lined lid, your drink never touches plastic, more healthy~


  18. Whether you fill it with boiling water or a pack of ice, the bottle will never get hot or cold to carry!
  19. You can use at the office, the gym, or even for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking!
  20. This fashion designed water bottle which has high quality is a perfectly gift for men and women, boys and girls!
  21. It is a lovely, deep green; makes a great background for my CO love sticker.
  22. The bottle is very well made and has a nice anti-skid mat on the base.
  23. The inside is easy to clean with a long bottle brush thanks to the wide mouth.
  24. I use mine to keep tea hot and the basket/strainer is good for tethering my tea bag or resting it in so it won’t sink or get stuck on the bottom.
  25. The outside of the bottle doesn’t get hot (not even warm) when filled with boiling water.
  26. Knowing dimensions and seeing them compared to other products, is totally different if you’re like me.
  27. The other containers shown are my everyday hydrate bottle 25 oz, and my insulated mug 30oz.
  28. Standing side by side you see that the 50oz bottle isn’t much bulkier, a huge plus!
  29. I can easily carry it in my backpack and the seal is very tight, so no spills, it sits next to my laptop in my bag.
  30. I initially got this so I could carry coffee, but with the strainer top, that is removable, I use it for the lemon and cucumber water I make!
  31. The strainer lid allows me to keep the lemons and cucumbers in the bottle all day as well as ice with plenty of room left for water!
  32. I still mostly use it for hot beverages, but it’s easy to clean making it very versatile.
  33. The cap connector is made of plastic but it isn’t flimsy at all, I carry by that when it’s not in my bag and have no worries of it breaking.
  34. If you’re looking for a thermos or just a large yet compact drinking bottle, this is a good one.
  35. Again, the strainer lid makes an excellent addition to this bottle that comes in very handy.
  36. If you aren’t concerned with caring lots of fluid, go down a size or two.
  37. But if you’re like me and pack in the morning for a whole day of running around the 50oz is perfect.
  38. I feel having this has helped me drink my personal goal of 100oz per day, which is perfect for my height and weight.
  39. Before I ordered this I had a hard time meeting my goal.
  40. In addition, I have tried to stay away from plastics etc, and this has helped with that too.
  41. I purchased a high quality water filter that I use with this, as well as to make ice with.
  42. This doesn’t necessarily keep the ice cubes frozen, but even once they’ve melted the water stays cool and refreshing.
  43. So if you need to carry hot or cold drinks, especially where weight is a consideration, this is really great.
  44. That said, to reduce weight, the materials are relatively thin.
  45. This shouldn’t be a problem for recreational use, or at home or in an office.
  46. However, I’d still recommend the heavier Stanley bottle for “job site” use where the thing will likely bounce around in a pickup and eventually suffer the inevitable falls, bangs etc.
  47. I really haven’t used the little strainer which is included, but I bought it in November; this summer I’ll find out how well it retains ice cubes (which I have no doubt it will).
  48. And, of course, adding ice cubes (which is really not practical with most vacuum bottles).
  49. I accidentally lost another bottle that I had ordered, and was just going to order the same one again.
  50. Instead, I gave this one a shot, and I love it more than the other one I lost.
  51. I’ve accidentally dropped it a few times, and no damage whatsoever.
  52. Contents stay hot or cold plenty long enough for me to drink them before too much of a temperature change.
  53. The mouth is plenty comfortable enough to drink from directly.
  54. The strap is handy, but sometimes I wish it was waterproof or removable.
  55. It takes a bit long to dry after washing but not really a big deal.
  56. The overall look is nice and it’s available in a variety of color options and sizes.
  57. Also, with the strainer it could be used as a cocktail shaker if need be, although I haven’t tried that yet.-Ha!
  58. These were delivered a day earlier than the estimated time so that was awesome.
  59. I pulled these bottle out and instantly was happy with my decision to get them.
  60. But we both really like these bottles so we took a chance and ordered them.
  61. I’ve never spent more than 14 bucks on a bottle before either.
  62. The bottle is so sturdy and feels super tough like it’s not going to fall apart in a week.
  63. I love the open mouth and it’s super comfortable to drink out of and hold for its massive size!
  64. I definitely am glad I got this bottle for my boyfriend too because he works outside all day and likes to have lots of water with him that stays cool and he is super hard on his stuff.
  65. So I needed to get him a bottle that would withstand being used by him, and I truly feel like this is the bottle for that!<
  66. I made tea before I left, two hours later, I burnt my tongue.I was not expecting the liquid to be as hot.
  67. Cap seals without leaks and attachment feature is sturdy and well made.
  68. It’s large, doesn’t leak, and keeps my water cold/warm.
  69. After 6hrs tea is still cold, can’t wait to try it with coffee.
  70. I drink a lot of water and it’s so nice to have 50oz bottle keeping me hydrated all day long!<

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