bottle Esbit majoris drinking bottle cool gray ml
One of the indispensable elements of every tourist’s equipment-it has endured a bottle of water that will survive many adventures.

The Esbit Majoris Drinking Bottle is a combination of functionality and a modern look.

A reliable bottle that allows easy transportation of drinks, which works great both on trips and during everyday use.

The Esbit brand is a guarantee of the highest quality materials and perfect performance of every detail.

The model uses stainless steel, which is responsible for above-average strength of the whole. The shape used offers not only the modern appearance of the bottle, but also perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing for comfortable drinking on the trail. In the tourist bottle of the Esbit Majoris, a wide opening was used, which facilitates pouring drinks into the center.

Such a solution also allows for the cleaning of the whole.

The bottle is equipped with a cap that is responsible for the full tightness of the whole structure. In addition, there is a small handle on it that allows you to attach a bottle to your backpack or belt so that the water is always at hand. Bearing in mind the health of all customers and their high requirements regarding the materials used, the Esbit brand is of great importance to their selection.

This allowed you to eliminate harmful BPA compounds and phthalates from all the elements of the bottle so that you could fully enjoy the natural taste of water.

The versatile Esbit Majoris bottle is a unique style and fantastic usability properties both on the tourist route and during everyday duties.

Brand: Esbit


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