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Thermolite Wlokno developed by Dupont provides the user with warmth and comfort, as well as the removal of moisture from the body even at extremely low temperatures. Coolmax-fiber manufactured by Dupoint guarantees moisture management from the body and a pleasant dryness.

The special construction of the puller adjusts the knee sock to the leg of each construction, while not causing compression.

The froth layer located at the tibia reduces the effects of the shoe pressure on those parts of the leg.

The next layer of the fleece with Achilles’ incline increases comfort while skiing. A single layer of Coolmax on the instep of the foot facilitates the removal of excess heat.

The terry layer on the foot increases ride comfort and insulates well from the sole of the shoe.

The terry layer at the toes increases comfort.


– Thermolite-78%

– Polyamide-15%

– Coolmax-4%

– Lycra-3%

Brand: Expansive


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