Fashy mask to Sinker marlin gray
Mask for swimming by the German company Fasha.

Brand: Fashy

Head Combo Manta Swim Mask and Snorkel Set

head combo manta swim mask and snorkel set

  1. Combined with the exclusive designed dry snorkel completes the Combo Manta.

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mEssentials McNett M Essentials Anti-Fog Cleaner for Optics and Lenses

messentials mcnett essentials anti fog cleaner for optics and lenses

  1. Anti-Fog spray sold to millions of satisfied customers for over 30 years.
  2. Will Clean over 250 Pair of Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Goggles etc.
  3. Sea Drops are designed for maximum dive mask defogging and quick, easy, in-field application.
  4. Also excellent for ski goggles, eye glasses, face masks, binoculars and telescopes.
  5. I normally use the sea gold gel but thought I would try something new.
  6. Because it is very concentrated and very liquid is is more difficult to control how much of the product makes it into your mask.
  7. In my case some of the product got caught behind a lip in my mask and I got splash back while putting my mask even though I thought I had adequately rinsed out my mask.I suffered severe chemical burns to my right eye requiring emergency care and and an entire day spent in bed with my eyes closed.
  8. The pain was excruciating and the need for medical intervention extremely alarming.
  9. I am a nurse and have been diving since 1983 so this is not a rookie mistake made by someone who is not familiar with health care precautions.
  10. My eyes are totally bloodshot and burning after using it in my Barracuda swim goggles.
  11. I don’t know what it’s for, but it’s definitely not for swim goggles.
  12. Also, based on our past experience I wanted a good de-fogger as well.
  13. The new goggles fit great and we used the goggles a couple of times (without using the Anti-fog drops) and then they fogged up so I pulled out the Anti-Fog drops.
  14. Sure enough they clearly say not for swim goggles, but after reading the positive reviews I tried using the drops–put 1 drop in each lens and outside each lens, let it dry and then rinsed them off.
  15. We are able to swim about 2 times before we need to re-apply and because I can’t remember to do it every other time I essentially apply the drops after each use so they are dry when we need them next.
  16. I’m not sure why I’m applying on the outside, but since I’m only using 1 drop I’m not overly anxious to stop as I don’t want them to fog given it takes approximately 30 min to dry.
  17. We also just went snorkeling on a recent vacation and I used these drops on our masks and they worked well.
  18. The only negative is how long they take to dry–you can’t just apply, rinse and go, you must wait for them to dry or it doesn’t work (and then rinse and go).
  19. I highly recommend these drops as they are working well on our swim goggles which is what we really need them for each week!<
  20. Some prefer the gel, which is what I started with but never really satisfied with how the gel performed, even after several uses.
  21. One use of the drops sold me on it, have used it exclusively ever since.
  22. Whether diving in cold 55-61 degree water, or really warm water, this keeps the mask nice & clear.
  23. I typically keep it in a BCD pocket, so far no issues with it leaking or top opening, even when diving to 90 ft or so.
  24. I spent a good 10 minutes getting it right so I could see (it can be streaky or spotty if you don’t do it just right).
  25. I used this for anti fog under my paintball goggles on my glasses in hot and humid, dry and cool, and cold and wet conditions, and it worked pretty good, but some areas seemed to fog causing splotches in my vision.
  26. Most likely I rubbed too much in some areas and removed the product or made the coating too thin.
  27. This would be a good product for things like dive goggles or ski goggles, but not a great solution for glasses.
  28. Very clear, lasted a long time and application was just pouring some on and presto!<
  29. I use it regularly for my snorkeling mask in the swimming pool.
  30. In this case, just apply to the inside lens (no need for the outside).
  31. They always want you to use more; in this case unnecessary waste of money.
  32. Used as directed, I had very clean lenses with no fogging or eye irritation.
  33. Solution is quite concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
  34. I don’t leave home (to go snorkeling) without it, just in case I run out of my very weak baby shampoo and water mixture, which also does quite a good job of preventing fogging of my mask.
  35. And if I need to clean the outside of my mask’s lenses, I’ve got this to take care of that.
  36. Purchased for snorkeling in the Bahamas and would apply every day before going out and it couldn’t keep our masks clear for an hour.

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