Fashy butyl into water male arucas color mix
High quality Fashy neoprene shoes suitable for aqua aerobics and swimming, ideal for vacations, rocky beaches, etc.

Have an anti-slip soleplate TPR that will provide wet grip.

Equipped with a puller on the back enabling the individual adjustment of the shoe to the foot.

Brand: Fashy

Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

zhuanglin men quick drying aqua water shoes

  1. They shed water quickly when I took them to the lake and got in the water.
  2. I’ve seen a couple of reviews commenting on no arch support.
  3. Well, these aren’t athletic shoes, they’re water shoes and I didn’t expect them to have arch support like a regular shoe does.
  4. I did notice that the holes on the bottom of the sole have a tendency to have rocks lodge in the holes.
  5. But that didn’t affect the comfort or function of the shoes.
  6. I didn’t get any sand in my shoes, which is a problem I’ve had with other water shoes.
  7. The cuff around the ankle fits snugly and keeps things like sand and small rocks out.
  8. I went with an 11 (45) and am afraid that as they get worn out the elasticity will loosen and the shoes and cuff will be loose.
  9. Time will tell, but I do love these shoes and am glad I bought them.
  10. I probably could have done a 10, but I like water shoes to be nice and snug so they stay on during water activity.
  11. They are comfortable and water drains from them with no problem.
  12. No squishing or squeakiness when getting out of the water.
  13. I have no complaints and they lasted the test of 3 kids dragging me around the water park all day.
  14. Today, I wore them on a quick 12-mile hike, and they performed far beyond my expectations.
  15. First, they are far more solidly than one would expect out of a ~25.00 shoe.
  16. As the old hiker’s adage goes, “an ounce on the feet, a pound on the back.
  17. The soft rubber soles provide really excellent traction comparable to my Vibram-soled Merrill trail runners.
  18. The soft rubber suggests that they won’t last as long as the Merrill’s, however.
  19. Considering that I paid four times as much for the Merrills, I don’t mind a bit.
  20. I wouldn’t do a thru-hike with them, but for a weekend warrior hike, they can’t be beat, especially if you’re expecting a lot of stream crossings or wet weather.
  21. If you require a bit more toe splay that average (I do), I’d suggest ordering them a half-size up.
  22. The lack of arch support isn’t a problem since I wear only zero-drop shoes anyway.
  23. The mesh design and holes in the soles are a real plus.
  24. This is good because I normally wear 15s and the 14 fit well enough.
  25. These are very light and comfortable and the inside feels good on my feet with adequate support.
  26. They are very good looking and if there is any fault it is the elastic laces could be better.
  27. When I first tried on the shoe I was thinking these are light like Huaraches.
  28. Read reviews prior to purchase so bought a size down and that was exactly correct.
  29. They come in a zip plastic bag I plan to save for when they are wet and we are packing.
  30. The only thing is they smell really strong like plastic, so you may want to air them out outside for a while.
  31. They are great for those who have a bit of a wider foot because they stretch comfortably.
  32. As others have pointed out, the holes in the bottom of the shoe let water out, however if you have a pebbly beach the little stones get lodged in the holes.
  33. Extremely lightweight, if traveling they add almost nothing to the weight of your luggage.
  34. They are so comfortable you can wear them to walk around shops and restaurants.
  35. They are strictly to make them look more like a regular shoe.
  36. Looking forward to using these on the rivers here also this summer.
  37. They fit perfectly, amazingly comfortable and they look amazing.
  38. The only think you have to be careful about when walking in certain grassy areas you can get a stick that will poke up into your foot.

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ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

aleader men quick drying aqua water shoes

  1. Hydrophobic engineered mesh offers lightweight breathability, while a contrast stitching lateral support system locks down the foot for stay-put performance in or out of the water.
  2. He is not the type to walk around with no socks on, he literally wears TWO pairs of socks EVERYDAY!
  3. But, he wore these the whole week while vacationing in Hawaii with NO SOCKS!
  4. We ordered him another pair to keep on our trailer that we store near the lake.
  5. Now he wears them every weekend while we’re out boating.
  6. I’m use to the water shoe you pick up at Walmart for the season.
  7. I was worried about the size after reading the other reviews.
  8. I was worried about the elastic bands that hold the shoe on your feet, that it might not hold them on at the lake.
  9. These stay on my feet great at the lake, pool, and camping getting ready to go to the lake.
  10. I don’t know what the definition of quick drying but they dry mostly in about 20 minutes in the sun and longer if I’m driving home, etc out of the son.
  11. But they are not dripping everywhere, they are just wet against my foot but not leaving a pool of water in the driver side floor.
  12. At the lake rocks do find their way in and not all find their way out.
  13. Just like any shoe you take it off and shake those pesky rocks off.
  14. As other reviews have said that yes some bigger rocks have found their way lodged in the bottom holes of the sole.
  15. What do you expect they are holes and your walking on rocks/pebbles.
  16. I pry them out when I get home and go about my merry way.
  17. So if you are looking for a great water shoe for going to the lake, or pool I would get this one again and again.
  18. I used them on land as well on a river without a hitch.
  19. The first use is (expectedly) not as comfortable but when you break them in they are awesome.
  20. The draining system works great while under water, I usually don’t like using water shoes but with these I forgot they were in there.
  21. My girlfriend also got a pair and has them in great regard.
  22. The only scenario that didn’t work for me was the beach, sand gets in from the holes in the sole and it gets trapped between the mesh.
  23. As this shoe is named (Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes), it dries pretty quick.
  24. It is comfortable on feet, however it has some itchy portion on its lowermost portion of tongue, the one I highlighted in yellow color in the attached picture, that makes feel a bit awkward in the “cunieoforms” bone.
  25. I wore them two different days and they were comfortable to walk on dry street to pebbles to sand; got them wet from the shore; and wore them back to lodging.
  26. I am holding back a 5 star rating until I used them on the weekends to walk along the shore locally.
  27. If they hold up with continued comfort I will upgrade my rating.
  28. Kansas lakes and ponds i wouldn’t use them to go running in, but for causal walks or short jogs and treks and lake trips, they are very comfy to wear all day.
  29. My husband’s only complaint is that he wished that it wasn’t so rounded at the bottom sold of the shoe.
  30. For some reason it’s not flat, but it’s a little concave.
  31. But it doesn’t seem to affect the functionality of the shoe.
  32. I can’t stop wearing these things, and my wife is starting to get mad that I won’t even take them off in bed.
  33. We live near the theme parks of Orlando, FL and visit them frequently.
  34. With that said I have been trying to find a good pair of comfortable ‘all-weather’ shoes to wear to these parks and I have found them in these shoes.
  35. I can go walk around for 8 hours a day on these shoes and my feet feel great, even after they get rained on during the typical 3pm thunderstorm.
  36. And once they are dirty, it’s a simple toss in the washer and air dry outside and they are good to go.
  37. If you’re looking for a great casual shoe, buy these now!!<
  38. Make decent deck shoes and good Asian families don’t wear shoes inside on wood floor.
  39. Unless they expect you to wear it bare foot every time.
  40. I usually wear slippers on vacations to Hawaii but this is way more superior both in comfort and strength.

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