Fashy glasses a swimming power blue
Fashy Power swimming goggles with anti-fog coating,


– Non-evaporating, with UV filter.

– Silicone band.

– Silicone gaskets.

– Adjustable toe.

– Color: smoke

Brand: Fashy

Blue Sea Systems Weatherdeck Toggle Switches

blue sea systems weatherdeck toggle switches

  1. Replacing with an OEM switch would have been 5 times the cost of this switch so, for me, this switch is a much better value.
  2. After you’ve flicked it a thousand times and it still feels and works great, you’ll know where that extra money went.
  3. I use ’em with the waterproof boot on a variety of outdoor/four-season equipments, do like.
  4. Wish it came with a boot though hard to swallow a few more bucks just for the boot separately but it’s a good switch .
  5. Installation was simple, but it would have been nice if the switch would have been shipped with an on/off plate.
  6. This will not stop us from purchasing more of this brand of switches in the future.
  7. As described, and delivered before expected delivery date.

Buy Blue Sea Systems Weatherdeck Toggle Switches here $15.60

Blue Sea 4155 WeatherDeck Toggle Switch

blue sea weatherdeck toggle switch

    Buy Blue Sea 4155 WeatherDeck Toggle Switch here $22.96

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