Fashy butyl into water Lagos green black
Water shoes Fasha Lagos, protect the child’s feet from injury.

Outdoor sport and swimming shoes.






Brand: Fashy

Promate Lagos 3mm Flipper Slipper Fin Neoprene Socks

promate lagos flipper slipper fin neoprene socks

  1. Suitable for surfing, swimming, personal watercraft too.
  2. I used them inside by strap fins and they were a great fit, not too snug or loose.
  3. After using several hours per day for a week in and out of the ocean, they still look brand new.
  4. The bottom of the bootie is not stiff, so probably not ideal for walking in rocky areas, but perfect for sand and boats (non-skid).
  5. What I did not expect was that I would be wearing them to pretect my feet from my sandals almost every day!
  6. Somehow my sandals gave my feet blisters, so they were painful to wear, especially in the beach where the sand would get on my skin.
  7. So I just adjusted the sandals to a larger size (velcro!) and wore these.
  8. The soft cushiony sock protected my sore feet and I was able to walk around all day.
  9. They ware great in fins, too, so snorkeling was comfortable.
  10. Do be aware that I wear a women’s size 7 shoe – so I ordered a size small flipper slipper.
  11. I am going to order an extra small and give the size small to my friend that wears a ladies size 8 shoe.
  12. Update: I purchased the XS and they fit my ladies size 7 feet perfectly.
  13. Wore them almost exclusively while walking around in Jamaica over coral and rocks of all sorts for 2 weeks, to my surprise they survived and in great shape.
  14. If something withstands Jamaica it can withstand lots of regular use.
  15. He wears a 15 shoe and I didn’t have much hope these would actually fit, but they do!
  16. Great feel, he says they’re breathable and comfortable too.
  17. Had them on for close to 6 hours while snorkeling and then kept them on while walking around the shoreline of Grand Turk which is very rocky.
  18. They helped to add some traction on the slippery rocks as well as keeping me from getting cut which actually happened to several other people.
  19. I wear a size 9 men’s shoe and bought the 8/9 size, they fit well.
  20. Could have been a tad bit tighter but overall they were a nice fit.
  21. They prevent the flippers from rubbing the skin off my toes areas.
  22. Allows you to swim and kick as much and for as long as you like without fear of taking away your skin.
  23. Was a little concerned as they are not “water shoes” but they worked great in fins and are well constructed.
  24. Got here fast and was just what I was looking for for SUP.

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#lola – 20oz Hashtag White Sturdy Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Carabiner

lola hashtag white sturdy stainless steel water bottle with carabiner

  1. This water bottle has been re-designed now to be stronger and more durable!
  2. This stainless steel water bottle makes a great choice for a gift!

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