shaft to exercises Spokey reel

shaft to exercises Spokey reel 1
Fight for exercise-roller Spokey Reel is an interesting device that allows you to perform many exercises strengthening various parts of the body. QUALITY We set high standards in front of our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials. Fitness fights are prepared in two fashionable colors. COMFORT The small dimensions allow for easy storage and transport of the fight.

TECHNOLOGY Walek rehabilitacyjny is made of foam and equipped with special protrusions that give the effect of a delicate massage. The material does not absorb moisture, which makes all the struggles to practice Spokey easy to keep clean.

Equipped with special protrusions that give the effect of a gentle massage. PURPOSE Supports during fitness exercise-helps to reduce muscle tension and eliminate pain.



Material-PU foam, PVC

Diameter of fight-13 cm

Length of combat-46.5 cm

Purpose-massage, yoga, pilates

Brand: Spokey


Hammerhead, Remora Reels (50 meters) by Hammerhead Spearguns

hammerhead remora reels meters hammerhead spearguns

  1. A slow controlled tension stops their escape and allows you to fight the fish from the surface.
  2. When fish become wary increase your stealth by diving with a reel rather than a float line or combine the two for added stopping power.
  3. HD CONSTRUCTION Durable Stainless Steel sliding bracket, line guide, and axel.
  4. Extruded aluminum or plastic track spearguns such as the Evolution, Rob Allen, Aimrite, or Rabitech are no problem.
  5. Screw the flat wood mount into teak guns, hybrids, Riffe Euros, and customs.
  6. For the strongest most permanent attachment flush mount the stainless steel bracket direct.

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MMA Training Shorts WorkOut Clothes Black

mma training shorts workout clothes black

  1. These cotton shorts feature two side-seam pockets and one back pocket, with an inside of the waistband drawstring.
  2. As always, to ensure quality and authenticity we sew our Tap or Bleed Brand label above the back pocket!
  3. Not only are they perfect to workout in but as everyday active wear as well.
  4. For bigger guys as myself they are a excellent alternative to restrictive waist bands that rub and pinch the belly.
  5. They are not as thick as they look in the picture, but that kinda a plus because it reduces the heat factor and allows you to wear them in the summer.
  6. If money is not that big of a issue then these are a excellent choice.
  7. Washed them a few times and they don’t shrink, also they breath!
  8. They arrived earlier than expected and they fit perfectly.
  9. My waist is 36in so I bought size L and it fits perfectly am going to get myself another pair.
  10. Comfortable, look good, and thick enough for what I need them for.

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