Valeo 4-Foot Light Resistance Tube With Cushion Foam Handles And Excercises Included To Improve Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Core Strength and Endurance

valeo foot light resistance tube with cushion foam handles and excercises includ

  1. The quality is better than what most gyms have and it’s nice to have your own band that you can trust and you know where it’s been.
  2. The round padded grip also rotate as you exercise making these very comfortable and versitile.
  3. The color coded handles makes it easy to identify the resistance levels and they are very sturdy and well made.
  4. I am 12 years old and I felt that this tube was a little bit too light.
  5. But I would definitely remcomand it to somebody who is taller.
  6. It allows me to work my muscles, with out hurting my joints.
  7. I had a small issue with one of the handles coming off as well.
  8. I definitely agree with it being a light resistance tube, works just as expected.
  9. I got another one from FILA and I hated it but this one is much better.

Buy Valeo 4-Foot Light Resistance Tube With Cushion Foam Handles And Excercises Included To Improve Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Core Strength and Endurance here $12.01

Fruit Infused Water Bottle – Large 32 Oz – NEW Color Options – InfusionH2O

fruit infused water bottle large new color options infusionh o

  1. No more trouble reaching the bottom of the inside of your water bottle.
  2. You can create your very own flavors with fresh fruit, veggies and herbs without spending your hard earned dough on store bought flavored waters that are filled with empty calories and artificial sweeteners.
  3. Use our fruit infuser water bottle to boost your fluid intake and stay properly hydrated.
  4. This can help combat dehydration, fatigue, headaches and digestive problems.
  5. For those of you who want to infuse tea or herbs in your water bottle, the ‘holes’ in the infuser are simply too large – the tea/herbs will leech into the water.
  6. However, a quick fix is to use the small muslin spice/tea bags – they’re very inexpensive and are washable/reusable and work AMAZING in this bottle!
  7. As for this bottle, I put fruit and herbs in a bag and let it sit overnight to drink the next day.
  8. It lasts half the day, is easy to carry and is very well made.
  9. This is the first water bottle that I actually use consistently.
  10. I bought one for my daughter and she loved it so much I had to buy one for myself.
  11. I add a variety of things to the water bottle like citrus (orange, lemon and lime), cucumber, and frozen fruits.
  12. It only takes a little enhancement to transform the water.
  13. It comes with a basket that holds the fruit and has a small metal latch loop above the push button that assures the bottle never accidentally comes open in your backpack or gym bag.
  14. The company’s customer communication is also outstanding.
  15. I take it with me everywhere – though I’m continually ridiculed for doing so.
  16. A few sliced strawberries is all it takes to give just a hint of flavor to ordinary water.
  17. I leave the fruit in the infuser all day while I’m at work and then wash and refill when I get home.
  18. I love that the top latches shut too – makes it perfect for throwing in the gym bag.
  19. My only complaint is that the little rubber band thingy that makes the lid “hydraulic” broke off upon first use.
  20. As the bottle still latches shut, however, I didn’t feel the issue worthy of a star deduction.
  21. It has everything single thing you would want in the perfect water bottle.
  22. The size is great because it holds so much more than a standard bottle, yet it still fits in the cup holder in my car.
  23. It’s so easy to open, yet it closes very tightly and locks if you want it to.
  24. The spout is perfect size for getting a big drink without getting so much it spills down your face.
  25. It also has a small handle that is really convenient when you are carrying a lot of stuff at once.
  26. Or if you don’t want to see the handle, just fold it down against the bottle.
  27. I will most likely get at least one or two more of these.
  28. I can pull it completely apart in about 3 seconds and rinse each piece in it’s entirety (there are no areas that are hard to reach/clean).
  29. I have searched for a long time for a good water bottle and tried a ridiculous number of brands, and this is by far the best.
  30. The infuser is a really good size, and I love the recipes that come with the bottle.
  31. I use Mio water enhancers and they have dyes in them so it’s very important to have a lid that doesn’t leak.
  32. I was very impressed, at first, with the lid design – it has a silicone gasket that fits tightly onto the spout when the lid is closed.
  33. BUT, after only using it for a short amount of time, the button hinge that locks the lid in place doesn’t work like it should.
  34. At first it latched easily when the lid was pressed down lightly.
  35. But the spring mechanism behind the button has already weakened so most times the lid doesn’t lock back down in place, meaning that the silicone gasket doesn’t seal off the spout.
  36. Twice I’ve thought the bottle was locked shut and it has fallen over, spilling its entire contents into my tote.
  37. Now I have to rely on the wire lock ring if I want to be sure the lid is truly secured, and that’s a stupid situation in a lot of circumstances, like driving.
  38. I shouldn’t have to fiddle with the stupid wire lock ring every time I want to get a drink – it’s distracting and dangerous!
  39. I’m angry I spent so much money for something with planned obsolescence in a very short time.
  40. I am working very hard to loose a lot of weight and get healthier.
  41. This product is everything and more that the business advertised!!
  42. I can make many flavors of water using fresh, nutritious fruit!!
  43. This bottle is sturdy, has a great grip and the safe lock lid lets me add it to my work tote with no worries it would spill.
  44. I actually received a “thank you” email from the owner!!
  45. My only suggestion would be to purchase more than one!!<
  46. Also, the infuser basket doesn’t stand up on it’s own, which makes it hard to fill.
  47. If it didn’t break I probably would have liked it a lot better.

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