swimmer floaty bobber grip grip buoy to the camera gopro

swimmer floaty bobber grip grip buoy to the camera gopro 1
The buoyancy handle is the first of its kind for the Go Pro. Designed to protect the camera from drowning, it will allow you to enjoy moments of being spedzonymi in water without the need to watch the camera closely.

Thanks to the buoyancy handle when the camera falls into the water it will not sink, and it will float safely on the surface.

The handle is made of high quality materials. Clear yellow color of the handle, guaranteeing its quick localization in all conditions.

The grip is lightweight, the vase is about 65g. Ideal for holiday trips and outings of the city. Adjustable wrist strap in the set provides additional protection against dropping.

The handle fits, among others for models from the list:

– GoPro Hero Classic

– GoPro Hero 2

– GoPro Hero 4 / Black Edition

– GoPro Hero 4 / Silver Edition

– GoPro Hero 3

– GoPro Hero 3- / Black Edition

– GoPro Hero 3- / Silver Edition

– GoPro Hero 3- / White Edition

– GoPro Hero 3- / Surf Edition

– GoPro Hero 3 / Black Edition

– GoPro Hero 3 / Silver Edition

– GoPro Hero 3 / White Edition

– GoPro Hero 2 / Outdoor Edition

– GoPro Hero 2 / MotorsportsEdition

– GoPro Hero 2 / Surf Edition

– GoPro Hero / Motorsports

– GoPro Hero / Surf

– GoPro / Naked

– Sjcam Sj4000 Wifi

– Sjcam Sj4000

Leash with the possibility of matching the thickness of the hand, so that the camera will not slip. Kit content:

– The buoy bracket

– Blue leash

– Mounting bolt

Note The set contains no cameras visible on the pictures. We only sell the handle and mounting-lanyard.

Brand: Nieznany

CamKix Premium Floating Hand Grip for Gopro Hero 4, Session, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 3, 2, 1 Floating Hand Grip / Hollow Interior for Storage / Textured Grip for Firm Grip / Thumbscrew / Lanyard Included

camkix premium floating hand grip for gopro hero session black silver hero lcd f

  1. BRIGHT COLOR IS EASBRIGHT COLOR IS EASILY SPOTTED: The floating hand grip will float straight up out of the water, its bright color will make it easy to spot making it perfect for taking on snorkeling or scuba trips in the ocean.ILY SPOTTED: It will float straight up out of the water, its bright color will make it easy to spot making it perfect for taking on snorkeling or scuba trips in the ocean.
  2. WATERTIGHT SCREW CAP REVEALS HOLLOW INTERIOR: The cap on the bottom of the floating hand grip can be unscrewed to reveal a hollow compartment in which small items can be stored.
  3. Alternatively you can add water to the compartment so the floating hand grip can achieve neutral buoyancy underwater.
  4. TEXTURED SILICONE HANDLE FOR EXTRA GRIP: The silicone covering will make it easier to keep hold of your floating hand grip, especially when used in wet conditions.
  5. LIGHTWEIGHT ACCESSORY FOR USE ON LAND OR IN THE WATER: The floating hand grip is very light and compact so is very easy to carry in a bag or case.
  6. It can be used both on land and in water as a hand grip to help you achieve steady video footage.
  7. The bottom of the floating hand grip features a watertight cap which can be unscrewed to reveal a hollow compartment.
  8. This compartment can hold small objects such as thumbscrews, mounts, keys, or cash.
  9. It is also possible to add an amount of water to the floating hand grip and allow it to achieve neutral buoyancy in the water, so you can shoot hands-free below the surface.
  10. The textured silicone covering on the handle of the floating hand grip provides extra grip, especially in wet conditions.
  11. It is very easy to hold it in your hand and shoot steady footage on land or in the water.
  12. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!
  13. The bottom of this unscrews so you can keep money or keys in there which is very convenient.
  14. It also comes with a strap so you can hang it from your wrist.
  15. The handle itself is a little thicker than others I have seen but it actually allows for a better grip – even with my smaller hands.
  16. The price was great for something like this and now I don’t have to worry about losing my camera whenever I go in the water.
  17. The handle itself bobs and floats in the water and the yellow makes it easy to spot.
  18. The material doesn’t see cheap at all and seems very durable.
  19. I definitely recommend this product for people who need a floating handle or do water sports.
  20. It’s better than the selfie stick or the 3 way go pro handle because even though it’s not expandable, the go pro has a wide enough lens to take a great picture.
  21. I like it better than the handles that look like a big loop that floats.
  22. Ive had that one before and you still need to hold onto your camera inorder to point and shoot which defeats the purpose of having something to hold your camera.
  23. Recorded hours of underwater video with it while snorkeling and snuba and it worked great.
  24. My only advise is make sure you do not store anything hard inside of it.
  25. Did this on the first day and you can hear it bouncing around inside of it on the gopro video.
  26. Also love the fact that if something were to happen it would not sink to the bottom.
  27. Bought a bunch of Gopro accessories and used this one the most.
  28. It worked perfectly, it makes the gopro bouyant, but without being too much float.
  29. I was concerned it would be annoying when fully dry inside, but it actually made it easy to hold the camera lightly as the handle tends to stay up against your hand.
  30. It doesn’t at all make your hand want to float or make the camera want to turn upside down.
  31. I used it with the camera top tilted back towards me 45°, so my hand rested easily out in front of me with my wrist in a neutral position when filming forward).
  32. I had concerns that it was going to be too big around and chunky to hold easily, but it actually works really well.
  33. It’s totally comfortable to hold, only a little bigger than a broomstick – about 1 3/8″ diameter.
  34. The rubber grip is definitely a help in the water, and makes it not quite so glaringly orange, which is better for approaching wildlife.
  35. The tether is nice and sturdy, although the little end cap popped off the string the first time I used it.
  36. It did let me inspect the closure on the end of the string, which is a nice solid metal crimp.
  37. The spring cord grip holds well and keeps the camera attached to your wrist securely.
  38. Most important for me was the fact that the Hero4 will float with this attached.
  39. This grip will save your investment, as well as allow you to hold your camera steady.
  40. I had another floating holder like this that worked great, but the tripod mount point on the bottom seized from corrosion.
  41. I ordered this item based on reviews and was very satisfied.
  42. The grip is comfortable for my bigger hands, and the bright color helps.
  43. I like this versus the gopro version for the added color.
  44. I did notice that the gopro grip has color on the very top, which would help when floating.
  45. The internal storage in the camkix version is helpful and can be used for ballast.
  46. Some places don’t allow long selfie sticks, so this is perfect — it’s comfortable, and easy to hold onto while rolling out of a dive boat or swimming around.
  47. It seems like decent quality, and isn’t falling apart or rusting after 10 or so dives.
  48. I ordered it before my honeymoon to Cancun last month and I used it everyday for snorkeling.
  49. It was nice to be able to keep money in the dry compartment so it wasn’t wet for the bartenders/waitresses but I was a little disappointed when my Hero 3 batteries wouldn’t fit in it.
  50. If they made it just a tiny bit bigger they would fit and it would be extremely convenient.
  51. I will also note that I now have a Hero 4 and those batteries definitely don’t fit.
  52. Overall I am very pleased with it – floats well and has high visibility if it gets away from you.
  53. If batteries would fit in the dry compartment then it would put it on a whole different level than the competition.
  54. The waters were really choppy and this floating hand device held up great!
  55. I didn’t use the bottom to store anything, but the grip made it very comfortable to hold and it really did float properly.
  56. The little nut that you screw the retaining bolt into popped out and into the water.

Buy CamKix Premium Floating Hand Grip for Gopro Hero 4, Session, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 3, 2, 1 Floating Hand Grip / Hollow Interior for Storage / Textured Grip for Firm Grip / Thumbscrew / Lanyard Included here $16.87

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