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Durable Fluent swimming goggles make the stay at the pool pleasant.

Thanks to the special anti-fog coating, they do not parry.

A double strap prevents slipping and moving. In addition, they are equipped with a protective film that protects the glass from scratches, packed in a sachet.


Silicone gaskets and strap, glass, plastic adjustment clips

Brand: Fluent

Adult Men,Women or Kids(Ages over 8) Clear Swim Goggles with Adjustable Strap,Anti-fog No Leaking UV Protection Easy to Adjust come with Reusable Storage Box

adult men women kids ages over clear swim goggles with adjustable strap anti fog

  1. No leak,stop water enter into your eyes, keep your eyes dry forever.
  2. High quality: Anti-fog,Shatter Proof,No Leaking,UV Protection.It also comes in a reusable plastic case so that you can use it repeatedly,hard case protect goggles to make sure the goggles lifetime.
  3. Anti-fog and UV lens,in maximum reduction of light transmission to the eye.
  4. This lens reducing brightness and glare, making it ideal for conditions with high light levels,it helps block out the harmful UV rays and offers your eyes great protection.
  5. PC lenses stay strong even in the toughest conditions,and it comes in a hard case so you can store it when not in use and case also makes it easier to find to wear next time you are out at the pool or the beach.
  6. The goggles work (i.e., seal, anti-fog, comfort) very well.
  7. On small issue is that the lens are not clear, as I expected.
  8. Interestingly, this bullet point is presented both as bullet points one and three.
  9. Also, this bullet point comments on “resistance to crushing lens,” whatever that means.
  10. Lastly, there are similar products that allow choice of diopter for each eye.
  11. That is the exception, however, and price is higher, With these you have to choose.
  12. The strap adjustment is the best I’ve had in a swimming google.
  13. The goggles are crystal-clear and don’t feel uncomfortable.
  14. I swim in place and I’m strapped A snorkel to the side so I can continuously breathe underwater.
  15. This combination makes for a great workout and a great experience I would buy these again in a heartbeat.
  16. The fit and seal are great–much better than some goggles that I spent a lot more money on.
  17. My only complaint has to do with the durability of one of the goggles–the bridge (between the lenses) broke when I dropped them from about waist height.
  18. Yeah, I dropped them so it was my fault but I really did not expect them to break so easily, and they were brand new at the time.
  19. The anti-fog came off immediately swimming in Lake Tahoe (a clean lake).
  20. You have to be sure to use the little levers to adjust the straps as they can be very tight, but adjut them and swim away.
  21. Recommend, my fiance tried them on and asked me for some for her as well.
  22. The myopia correction without stigmatism correction gives …
  23. The myopia correction without stigmatism correction gives me a little bit of headache after prolonged use.
  24. He said they were great and water did not get in his eyes.
  25. They are easy to adjust and have survived at least a month of heavy use.
  26. I kinda missed the nose piece but for the price you cannot beat these!<

Buy Adult Men,Women or Kids(Ages over 8) Clear Swim Goggles with Adjustable Strap,Anti-fog No Leaking UV Protection Easy to Adjust come with Reusable Storage Box here $8.99

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