plug to nose fluent

plug to nose fluent 1
A nasal plug designed for swimming enthusiasts.


Includes a convenient storage box.

Brand: Fluent

Radio Mic Earpiece Headset,2 Pin PTT Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Two Way Radio Kenwood Baofeng UV-5R/888S/UV-82/UV-82HP/UV-5R V2+/BF-F8HP,2 Pack By Tunteil

radio mic earpiece headset pin ptt covert acoustic tube earpiece for two way rad

  1. Air sound,sound more clear,Metal plug,Liberate the ears and make the intercom easy.
  2. High performance Wire control PTT,Clear call,Comfortable press feel.
  3. K head,Metal plug,Conductive performance,Call fluent,Sound clear.
  4. Easy to wear,Speaker emission sound waves,Air duct spread the sound.
  5. Take the earpiece and connect the lapel PTT and Mic to the front of your shirt.
  6. Run the connector end of the earpiece down your shirt,ready to be connected to the radio.
  7. Making sure the radio is turned of(very important)take hold of the cable and connect to the radio,then turn the radio on.
  8. Run the opposite side of the earpiece up through your shirt.
  9. Finally take the air duct and place it over your ear,making sure it fits securely and comfortably.
  10. What we care:

    Our biggest concern isn’t with earnings or profits,It’s with customers’ experiences purchasing and using our products.

  11. We want satisfied customers and to develop trust in the Tunteil brand.
  12. Problem number the first, is that it is really long, even for me and I’m 6’4″.
  13. The length between the clicker and the jacks were slightly longer than I would’ve liked, but the length between the clicker and the earpiece was WAY too long and had too much slack in the line to be easily hidden or otherwise rerouted.
  14. The clicker itself seems almost to be designed backwards.
  15. The button is on the outside convex curve but it would feel more ergonomic to have it sit in a concave curve on the other side.
  16. Next are personal feelings

    The clear tubing is actually MORE conspicuous than a simple black wire and is off putting to most customers (and management for that matter).

  17. Also the plug on the end of the tubing cuts off most sound out of that ear and hampers my situational awareness when trying to watch the floor.
  18. Both of these feelings are somewhat nullified when outside of the retail environment but still could be an issue in some situations.
  19. Then receive an email after I get the product stating that it actually does NOT fit any Midland radios even though they previously claimed that it did.
  20. They changed the description now, to an accurate list of what radio this can work with because I wasted my time on this.
  21. Had to take a straight pin to open the hearing duct (?) up so sound could get through the tube.
  22. Took a while to figure out that the plastic sound duct was occluded.
  23. It has long cords but it isn’t difficult to figure out how to make them work.
  24. The important thing to me is I could hear better with lower volume levels on the radio.
  25. I went hiking with friends and we were able to communicate.
  26. Mic is so good at picking up your voice u don’t have to be super close to it.

Buy Radio Mic Earpiece Headset,2 Pin PTT Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Two Way Radio Kenwood Baofeng UV-5R/888S/UV-82/UV-82HP/UV-5R V2+/BF-F8HP,2 Pack By Tunteil here

Waterproof Galaxy S7 Edge Case [NOTE for s7], Besinpo Underwater 6.6ft 30 minutes Full Body Protective Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Only(5.5inch,Black)

waterproof galaxy edge case note for besinpo underwater minutes full body protec

  1. SENSITIVE TOUCH: Completely access to all buttons, ports and features, like touch ID, cameras & speakers, power button, charge port and volume buttons; Lightweight and slim.
  2. The case is also Snow/Dirt/drop proof, rugged to adapt to all harsh environments.
  3. EASY INSTALLATION: Fully sealed even after 1000 times open and close.
  4. Two covers (front/back) snap on design makes it fast and easy to install or take off.
  5. WHAT YOU GET: It is equipped with high quality samsung galaxy s7 edge water resistant case and 360-degree full body protection.
  6. You can enjoy 1-year warranty and friendly customer service.
  7. We provide you with 1-year free warranty and 45-day return or exchange service.
  8. You can enjoy surfing, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, rafting, camping, hiking, climbing, jogging and other outdoor activities with it.
  9. Durability and stability: Compared with the plastic lids of other waterproof cover, the TPU material of its shell and rubber inflatable plug are more durable.
  10. Sensitive touch: Its compact front-mounted and built-in screen savers offer smooth and fluent touch experience.
  11. It is waterproof with sound transmission gas-breathable membrane vents at the bottom of the box.
  12. Ultra-lightweight and slim design is very portable and stylish.
  13. The transparent front and rear covers of the camera lens can ensure high quality and high-definition photos and video.
  14. The built-in Screen Protector is Scratch-Resistant, so please don’t align additional Glass Screen Protector.
  15. Please pay attention to the width of your charging cable.
  16. The front and rear face plates are a thin plastic, like what you put baseball cards in to protect them.
  17. The back is clear, so you can put a photo or sticker in the back.
  18. Apps, text, videos, all accessible, dont have to press hard to type , type normally without frustration.
  19. Did the water test under 1 foot of water, and dry as a bone.
  20. Used When I go kayaking, to the pool or beach, or snowboarding.
  21. There are other barriers than the plastic front that are thin enough so that you can still use your phone!
  22. I can’t wait to take it on a trip and have a clear shot in water.
  23. I don’t need a pool side incident to screw my phone up.
  24. Normally I use a hybrid case because they are nice and slim yet protective.
  25. For a waterproof case this one is slimmer than the otterbox I used for my previous phone.
  26. The attached screen cover protects from water yet is still very responsive.
  27. I am not going to be using the phone underwater at all, but I wanted this case because the “shockproof” feature really seems to be well thought out and to a degree, it is.
  28. I tend to drop my phones because I am doing too many things at once and lose my awareness of where the phone is when this happens.
  29. As far as it’s ability to protect the phone from me, I’m happy with the protection.
  30. It is hard to protect the screen of any “edge” smartphone.
  31. I do expect protection as long as the fall doesn’t cause the screen to be directly hit.
  32. Having said that, here’s the phone’s pros:

    – It is waterproof.

  33. I did the water test per the manufacturer’s instructions and the case was waterproof as advertised.
  34. The case surrounds the phone’s edges and it’s slightly raised edge protects the screen from scratches.
  35. I have a lot of experience using the shockproof cases (e.g., Ballistic Tough Jacket, Otterbox Defender, etc.) and feel qualified to say that overall, this case does protect the phone well, although I am not going to try to drop this on hard surfaces like cement.
  36. The buttons are fully functional as long as you follow the installation instructions carefully.
  37. Retry if at first you don’t succeed, which is what I had to do.
  38. Short cutting the installation instructions on this phone will lead to the phone failing to respond to the user while in this case.
  39. The only area that I ended up having a lackluster response was in the upper right corner where drop down menus can be found sometimes, like on my app manager, which I use a lot (the drop down menu, I mean).
  40. When installed correctly, the edges of my phone where fully functional.
  41. The first time I put the phone in the case, I wasn’t using a hard surface to facilitate pressing the phone down into the front of the case well.
  42. Then the back of the case is pressed onto the front part, but without a hard surface to press down into, the case doesn’t seal well in comparison to when the hard surface is used.
  43. Not doing this was the biggest problem I had and you will know you failed when you can feel the clear plastic screen protector not lying against the screen as you use the interactive area of the phone while in this case.
  44. When you install it well, there is no space and you feel like you are touching the screen (albeit, the gorilla screen’s wonderful tactile properties cannot really be perfectly reproduced with any screen protector, imho).
  45. I have 2 cons for this case and one I cannot see past:

    – The screen protector has a mirror-like shine to it and it’s far too glossy to use outside.

  46. It’s almost winter and the sun is at low angles in the sky most of the day and I live only in mid-latitudes.
  47. When I’m driving using my navigation app, sometimes the phone is in the direct path of the sunlight and it obliterates my view of the screen.
  48. During this time of year, as I head north, the sun is almost always hitting the screen and I simply can’t see a thing, regardless of the brightness setting of my screen.
  49. This is the one deal breaker as the manufacturer should have used some sort of glare protection on this screen.
  50. You have to always open the flap to have access to the microphone on the bottom and even when I do this, the people I’m talking to on the phone say my voice is somewhat muffled.
  51. Not a lot, just enough to be irritating to a few people, though.
  52. Similarly, the speakers, both internal and external are distorted.
  53. I am not an audiophile at all and even I can tell the difference.
  54. Worse, the callers are experiencing an “echo” which is well documented in these reviews.
  55. The manufacturer claims that this can be overcome, but there are too many show stopping problems in the sound category for me to want to put that effort in.
  56. People that dive or are in an area where dust is a constant problem.
  57. I would even go to say this is a great case for the beach.
  58. If you press the home button twice, the stock camera app opens up and you can easily take pictures without touching the screen, which is useful when taking underwater pictures.
  59. I love the beach, but once there, I’d probably only want to use this case while on the sand and take it off at all other times.
  60. I don’t like the idea of taking this on and off all the time, though.
  61. I have had my other phones at the beach on numerous occasions.
  62. For my use of each of my phones there, I’ve never had a sand problem.
  63. I’m not going to use it underwater and I don’t live in a dusty area.
  64. With the screen reflection being blinding, which wouldn’t be an issue underwater, this isn’t the phone for me.
  65. Makes the phone a bit wonky sometimes (Muffles the sound a bit and makes the touch screen aspect a bit wierd) but thats all worth it for the added security.
  66. Reasonable design, size is very appropriate, my cell phone use.
  67. I purchased this for a recent trip where we planned on snorkeling.
  68. The case was easy to use, the phone fit inside perfectly, and it worked like a charm in the water.
  69. We were in and out of the water all day and submerged for quite a long time, and it never failed.
  70. Glad to have found a simple option for making my phone waterproof.
  71. Fingerprint recognition works great and buttons are accessible.
  72. Tested it like the instructions said for water check before use and it worked great.

Buy Waterproof Galaxy S7 Edge Case [NOTE for s7], Besinpo Underwater 6.6ft 30 minutes Full Body Protective Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Only(5.5inch,Black) here

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