polo soccer adidas euro official match ball

polo soccer adidas euro official match ball 1
The official match ball Conext15 Adidas, whose highest quality is confirmed by the FIFA Quality Approved certificate. Conext15 is an absolute top among currently used footballs-all Ekstraklasa matches are played. Precisely designed, made of care for the smallest details.
Adidas Conext15 is the ball that played the World Women’s Championships in Canada in 2015 and the Club World Championships in Morocco a year earlier.

The ball uses the same technological solutions as its predecessor-Brazuca. Provides stable and predictable trajectories, excellent contact and low water absorption.
FIFA Quality Approved-a designation confirming the highest quality of the ball demonstrated in rigorous tests.

The ball must positively pass six preliminary tests, including: circumference, turn, reflection, weight, water absorption, drop in pressure. In addition, the ball is subjected to a sad test based on a thorough check of shape and dimensions.

– Material: TPU
– Size: 5
– Seamless-thermally bonded panels
– Detach butylowa
– Butyl reverse valve
– Working pressure: 0.8-1.0 bar / 11.6-14.5 psi
– Low water absorption
– Stability of parameters
– FIFA Quality Approved Certificate

Brand: Adidas


adidas Euro 2016 Official Match Ball

adidas euro official match ball

  1. The high performance ball should be the focus of every match with a thermally bonded, seamless surface for improved trajectory and lower water uptake.

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