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The match should be dynamic. In the end, nobody likes to watch the game, during which the ball almost does not move. With Mercury Veer by Nike, each game will be exciting.

This model is a class and a revolution at the same time.

Sewing is classic, machine-made, which ensures a timeless appearance and high resistance to deformation or mechanical damage.

To break the traditional design, a dark belt has been designed that guarantees a dynamic, energetic appearance of the ball during the game and greatly facilitates the eye tracking.

Simple, perfectly and stylish solution in one! What is important, the detector in this model has been additionally strengthened, which prevents the formation of deformations.

Over time, Mercurial Veer will continue to look and cooperate with the leg, just like after buying it.

Optimal combination of traditional technological solutions with a bit of modern design makes this ball a perfect model.


– machine-sewn coating provides excellent durability and contact with the foot

– reinforced rubber detector, greater deformation tolerance

– A clear belt makes it easier to track the ball with the eyes

– size: 5

Brand: Nike


Nike Mercurial Veer Soccer Ball

nike mercurial veer soccer ball

  1. Reinforced rubber bladder enhances air and shape retention.
  2. Designed for speed, its 26-panel design provides the right touch to accelerate your performance.
  3. Material seems to be coming out of the seams, like feathers from a feather pillow would.
  4. I’ve never purchased a deflated ball before so I didn’t even know that was a possibility.
  5. My kid is super bummed about it because he saved up his money to buy this ball and now he can’t play with it until I buy a pump.
  6. I can’t speak to its looks or quality yet because it’s currently concave.

Buy Nike Mercurial Veer Soccer Ball here $18.75 – $24.99

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