table football buffalo black bandit ii
The BLACK BANDIT II soccer table is a device: FITTED WITH GUIDED STAINLESS STEEL ROLLERS (AND NOT ROTTING !!!)– durable 16 mm diameter guides (STEEL PRETS !!! – NO TUBES).
 You can not break them, unlike the empty tubes in the middle

– table made of laminated MDF board, 30 mm thick, black with white decorations

– goalkeeper figures rotate 360 ​​degrees

– 2 manual counters scored

– attached 4 balls

– raised corners of the playing field, so that the ball does not stop on them

– adjustable, chrome feet with rubber pads ideally adapt to the ground (they are non-slip and non-slip floors)

and allowleveling

– has two handles on both sides (four together)

– dimensions of the playing field: 118 cm x 62.5 cm

– external dimensions of the table: 136.5 cm x 68 cm x 88 cm

– Weight: 53 kg

– for transporting a table packed in a cardboard box with dimensions of 147cm x 80cm x 34cm and a weight of 58 kg

Brand: Vita


Wilson EZ Gear Kit

wilson gear kit

  1. The Wilson EZ Gear Kit includes all-black EZ Gear items.
  2. In brief, I’m sure this would be a great starter set for a t-baller or coach pitch.
  4. Both the S/M and L/XL models come with shin guards that feature velcro to pull them tight, which is a terrible idea.
  5. Kids who play on typical dirt fields will quickly get dirt into the velcro, causing them to not stick.
  6. I suppose Wilson had kids who play on tennis courts in mind.
  7. The shin guards themselves are essentially thick, flexible foam material with semi-rigid plastic on the knees and shins, offering little protection from a hit anywhere off of the plastic (not to mention the material would get dirty and never come clean).
  8. I am not putting my kid behind the plate with such flimsy protection.
  9. I knew right out of the box that this wasn’t the set for us.
  10. The chest protector and helmet looked ok, but I couldn’t get past the shin guards.
  11. He has loved baseball since he was old enough to throw a ball.
  12. The gear was just the right size for him, as he is a bit small for his age.
  13. I heard from his mom that he wanted to sleep in it the first night.
  14. She routinely catches 2-3 innings a game and so far this gear has been adequate.
  15. It’s not nearly as good as some of the gear some of the other girls have but it works.
  16. The drawback in my opinion is the velcro which to me is not as good as the gear that has clips.
  17. We’ve already had to replace the velcro patch on one of the straps because it wouldn’t stick any longer.
  18. We had to go to a local big-box hardware store and buy strips of velcro and then we had our local dry cleaner (that also does alterations) sew it on for us so it stays.
  19. So definitely not the greatest stuff in the world, but outside of the velcro issue, it’s been serviceable.
  20. I’m sure that sounds irrelevant, but if you’ve coached kids ball before, you know the straps are dangled in the grass, and typically stop attaching well quickly.
  21. I also like the shoulder pads these have, that most do not.
  22. Its also no longer necessary to have that terrible dangling throat guard the old kids had, now that the new hockey style helmet is available.
  23. I bought this for my average sized 7yr old and it fits him very well.
  24. After a full season of using this gear, the team Loves it!
  25. Holds up extremely well, allows the kids effective mobility behind the plate, no complaints of discomfort.
  26. It’s so easy to get on and take off that the kids do it themselves and the straps stay in place without fail.
  27. The more expensive gear, buckle design has no comparison on this.
  28. The item fit my 6 year old however I thought the L/XL would fit my 10 year old.
  29. Didn’t know it didn’t fit until kids had pulled it out for practice on Saturday.
  30. He is a little smaller than average, but the fit was still pretty good.
  31. The knee pads are a little uncomfortable, but I think he’ll grow into them.
  32. Chest piece is great ( 2 kids can switch this so fast and make quick adjustments).
  33. Leg pads ( my son loves the coverage on them)
    Velcro on the leg pads BAD!!!
  34. My son had to call time after almost every pitch to fix them.
  35. He had to switch back to older leg pads to finish the inning and game.
  36. I am going to modify the straps to have a hook and clasp fastener.
  37. I was looking for buckles on the shin guards, and I don’t know it was Velcro until it arrived.
  38. Fits very well and has adjustable straps so you can adjust as they grow!<

Buy Wilson EZ Gear Kit here $79.94 – $183.82

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Black & Grey (R-01902)

howard leight honeywell impact pro sound amplification electronic shooting earmu

  1. The headband is padded for comfort, and telescopes to ensure a secure, custom fit.
  2. An external audio jack lets the earmuff do double duty as stereo headphones when connected to an MP3 player or other audio source.
  3. Don’t: Allow hair to obstruct the ear or the earmuff’s secure fit in any way.
  4. Don’t: Allow the ear cups to sit crooked or askew over the ear.
  5. It carries a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30 in both on and off mode.
  6. A padded headband features telescopic height adjustment for a comfortable, customized fit.
  7. Rubberized pressure points prevent gunstock scratching.
  8. An external audio jack lets you connect the shooting earmuff to an MP3 player, scanner or other audio source.
  9. The battery delivers approximately 350 hours of usage, and the automatic shut-off feature engages after 4 hours to help save battery life.
  10. All Howard Leight electronic earmuffs and safety eyewear are compatible for use with each other.
  11. I first got the R-25024 and I was very happy with them.
  12. The sound is crisp, clear and loud enough to be able to hear better with them on than with a naked ear.
  13. I used them for target practice with a .22 pistol and they worked great until someone beside me was shooting a much bigger caliber and the Impact Sport R-25024 proved ineffective.
  14. So I ordered the Pro Sound and at first sight I was fairly disappointed.
  15. They look bulky and if they did not have the same brand name you would think that the Impact Pro is a much more inferior product than the Impact Sport.
  16. One of the clear differences is that the Impact Sport has sponge like covers over the microphones which makes them more wind resistant but the Impact Pro do not cover the mics.
  17. When you put the Impact Pro on and raise the volume all the way to high, the sounds are not louder than what you would hear without them while the Impact Sport amplify the sounds and you can hear better.
  18. They are also enormous compared to the Impact Sport (see attached photos) and they do not fold nicely as the Impact Sport do.
  19. Then, after I was disappointed by the size, the sound and the bulky look, I took them to the range.
  20. I was amazed that they work so well as far as protecting your hearing.
  21. There were a couple of people beside me that were shooting large caliber weapons and I could even feel the blast wave on my face but the sound level from the shots was bearable and much more comfortable than when I was wearing the Impact Sport.
  22. So I am very happy with the fact that they do provide great protection.
  23. I also find both the Impact Pro and the Impact Sport very comfortable and do not feel that I want to take them off after a couple of hours of wearing them but comfort varies from person to person and you may find them more or less comfortable than I do.
  24. I gave them only 3 stars because the Sport and the Pro are made by the same company and they should both be made with the same quality material and have the same quality electronics as the Sport.
  25. Also 3 stars because they do not fold and take too much space when stored in the range bag.
  26. In my opinion, the Impact Pro are made for the indoor shooting range and the Impact Sport are made for outdoor activities and would most likely be great for hunting because they amplify the sounds around you while they seal your ears from the gun shots as long as you are not shooting high caliber pistols of rifles.
  27. Although I am not planning to ever go hunting (too sympathetic to the animals), I kept both pairs.
  28. Update 11/29/2017:
    I have been using the Impact Sport for indoor competitions when the competitions are limited to 22lr and they have been working great.
  29. I also use them for outdoor competitions when I am shooting 9mm.
  30. They are also effective outdoors when others are shooting 45 caliber and I am not close to the shooter.
  31. I use the Pro for all other indoor competitions or when I shoot larger caliber outdoors.
  32. Yet, the Peltor are 24 NRR and when we do “big bore” competitions, I still like the protection provided by the Impact Pro.
  33. Update 2/22/2017:
    It has been a while now that I modified the Pro version and fitted a camera so I can record my range and competition sessions.
  34. Not that I am any good at it but this way I can review later to try and understand what I am doing wrong.
  35. I figured that maybe any of you might want to do the same.
  36. In my review of that product I said that “for the money” it was an excellent product, but average overall.
  37. Most of my shooting is done at indoor ranges; and everyone knows that gunfire (or any loud noise) is more severe in an enclosed environment.
  38. These muffs, with their NRR-30 rating, do an absolutely superb job of blocking out the percussion.
  39. The best set of protective earmuffs I have ever owned, based solely on noise blocking, were the Howard Leight Leightning-31 earmuffs (which for some inexplicable reason Howard Leight chose to discontinue).
  40. Seldom do you find an electronic earmuff with an NRR-25 rating or better.
  41. Even my Peltor Tac-7s, which I’ve always sworn by, only have an NRR-24 rating.
  42. The Impact Pro does a fantastic job of sound dampening.
  43. The next criticism is the electronics; specifically the amplification.
  44. In my set of Impact Pros, the volume needs to be cranked up almost to full maximum in order to attain a “normal” level of hearing, and it seems to me that there is also an unusually high amount of background hiss.
  45. As far as “cutting out” when there is a sharp spike in the noise level, though, the electronics in the Impact Pro are wonderful.
  46. They seem to cut back in quickly when the noise level drops back to a safe level, too (but to be perfectly honest, this is a non-issue for me and I really don’t pay attention to how soon the electronics turn back on as much as a lot of other people do).
  47. The last negative thing I’ll say about the Impact Pro is that I would never use them in a life-or-death tactical situation.
  48. Lots of people in this country keep a gun by their bedside at night; but based on my experience, I seem to be the only person who also keeps a set of earmuffs by the bedside also.
  49. If the unthinkable happens and I really do have to press that trigger one unfortunate night, I’d prefer to come out on the other side with my hearing still intact; but the other ‘plus’ about the (electronic) earmuffs that is often overlooked is the sound amplification.
  50. I feel very comfortable clearing a shoothouse or outdoor simulator with my Tac-7s; I don’t feel my hearing is at a disadvantage in any way by wearing the muffs, and in fact can be improved by turning up the volume.
  51. They’re good for hearing typical range commands/conversation, but not suited for a combat situation.
  52. Howard Leight does not market these as “tactical” hearing protection, so it would be unfair of me to rate them as such.
  53. So would I recommend the Howard Leight Impact Pro earmuffs to my best friend or family members?
  54. That’s what you call “revolutionizing” the sport hearing protection industry.
  55. Howard Leight has come out with a high-quality product that everyone can afford.
  56. Impact Sport muffs that I mentioned earlier are low-profile muffs.
  57. Some misguided individuals will claim that the low profile makes them better suited for long gun use than the full size Impact Pro; i.e.
  58. I totally disagree with that, personally, and have never had a problem using full size earcups with a long gun (including the Impact Pro)…
  59. So that’s something for you to consider when making a hearing protection purchase.
  60. I’m standing NEXT TO a person shooting one at the indoor range!
  61. UPDATE 3/6/16:
    I recently had the honor/pleasure of teaching my new daughter-in-law how to shoot.
  62. As a “graduation present”, I bought her a pair of these Howard Leight Impact Pro earmuffs.
  63. So when I say I’d recommend this product to family & friends, I put my money where my mouth is.
  64. However, I discovered a serious flaw with the Impact Pros as a result of the purchase.
  65. For anyone in the market for eye protection as well as hearing protection, give serious consideration to the ESS ICE series.
  66. Bought these over the Impact Sport because the Sports sucked for indoor ranges when someone was shooting anything over .40 cal.
  67. These Pros are honestly pretty awesome for indoor and outdoor.
  68. The awesome part is adjusting what you can hear, indoor ranges a lot is going on sometimes and when you’re trying to train or talk to someone it’s awesome you literally do not have to yell.
  69. You could whisper when adjusted right and they could still hear you.
  70. Huge difference is size but ears are safer with the Pros for indoor.
  71. However, I am working several days a week at an indoor police range.
  72. Add 13 simultaneous shooters or rifles and it can get pretty loud.
  73. While the voice and ambient sound amplification may not be quite as loud as the compacts, it is more than sufficient to hear normal conversation and range commands.
  74. The 30db noise reduction is the highest that I have found in electronic ear muffs.
  75. It exceeds the MSA’s and other high end devices in hearing protection ratings.
  76. The con is that they do not fold like the compacts and are a little bulkier.
  77. It does not interfere with my long guns and actually has a pretty comfortable headband.
  78. The 30 rating was important to me, when comparing to other slimmer models.
  79. I would not recommend them for rifle or shotgun due to the size of the ear cups.

Buy Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Black & Grey (R-01902) here $55.01

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