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Football of a well-known and reputable brand, in a very interesting colors. Designed for playing on natural, grassy surfaces, in all weather conditions. Made of the highest quality synthetic materials. Butyl bladder prevents deformations.

The colorful appearance of the ball improves its visibility and quickness of players’ reactions.


– Size: 5

– Sewn ball

Brand: Select


Renegade GK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves With Removable Pro Fingersaves – Sizes 7-11, 3 Styles/Cuts (Hybrid, Roll, Flat), 30 DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE WARRANTY -Unisex, Adult, Youth Soccer Goalies

renegade fury goalkeeper gloves with removable pro fingersaves sizes styles cuts

  1. We stand behind our gloves and we’ll always do our best to take care of our customers.
  2. If you are not 100% satisfied with you gloves for any reason, we’ll replace them or issued a refund within 30 days hassle free.
  3. No other goalkeeping glove brand offers this kind of guarantee.
  4. IMPROVES CONFIDENCE & CONTROL: A player’s confidence level will increase quickly after playing in a pair of Renegade GK gloves.
  5. Upgrades like the German latex palm, 180° thumb wrap, PU thumb V-notch, and pre-arched palm instantly improve grip and ball control.
  6. We know a goalkeeper has to be a quick thinker, fearless, and have sure hands.
  7. Keepers who wear R-GK gloves know their gloves will perform when they need it most and help take their game to the next level.
  8. LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: All Renegade GK gloves use the new Endo-Tek Pro fingersaves.
  9. Unlike other finger finger save technology, they will not bend backwards, yet they remain highly flexible forward.
  10. You’ll hardly notice they’re there; plus they can be removed when needed.
  11. MM latex on both the palm and backhand provide an extra layer of protection for high impact shots and punching.
  12. The 8CM bandage and 3MM 360° broad strap offers excellent wrist protection without sacrificing flexibility.
  13. BALANCED PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY: All Renegade GK gloves are designed to balance the trade-off between performance and durability, which many competitors fail to do.
  14. The backhand has extra padding to limit the impact force with the ball and the ground.
  15. Our composite strap has been strengthened to withstand repeated use over time.
  16. Bottom line, R-GK gloves are designed to perform and built to last.
  17. SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We’ve gone to great lengths to pack as much value into every Renegade GK glove regardless of play level.
  18. All R-GK gloves use the latest design, materials, & construction methods to ensure that they fit well, are comfortable to wear, and easy to get on.
  19. The 3D Airmesh body ensures great breathability while small design features like the nylon strap puller and rubber pull tabs make a big difference putting them on.
  20. Let’s face it, playing goalkeeper is arguably the hardest position to play in soccer.
  21. Goalies have to be confident, mentally tough, agile, and have good hands.
  22. Their most important tool besides their brains is unquestionably their gloves.
  23. We won’t claim that Renegade GK gloves will make every player a star keeper.
  24. What we can promise is the R-GK gloves will improve a players confidence, performance, and lessen the chance for injury.
  25. Knowing that you’re wearing gloves with the latest safety, design, and construction methods makes a big difference in how you play.
  26. We have a pretty simple philosophy at Renegade GK, make the best valued gloves that we can at each player level.
  27. Every goalkeeper should have access to great gloves without breaking the bank.
  28. IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Renegade GK Glove Sizing chart to issue proper fitting.
  29. Returns & Exchanges – It’s an imperfect world and modern, high tech goalkeeper gloves are complicated.
  30. Seams rip, stitches pop, latex tears, or sometimes the fit is a little off; it happens.
  31. With other brands that I have used over 30 some years of keeping, they are tightest ever.
  32. I took the finger protection out which has helped some.
  33. I have no idea how durable they, but are holding after two practices.
  34. I play organized competitive adult soccer, and these are legit.
  35. Lots of shock absorption and still the ability to get a good ball feel.
  36. I’ve played 4 games, and the only thing that has happened, is the ink on the backhand side has worn a little.
  37. I play on quality indoor turf, so I’m sure that’s harder on the gloves than grass.
  38. I bought them for my stepdaughter and it gets really tight when trying to pull over base of palm.
  39. I have smaller hands than her and it was even hard for me.
  40. I talked to Tyler and he took care of the problem with no hassles and sent a new pair right away.
  41. The gloves are great and will be buying more in the future.
  42. Just as good as Nike or Adidas but without the high cost.
  43. I have worn a few glove brands over the years and I have experienced similar and comparable high quality to the major brands.
  44. She said that feel much more comfortable than other brands and seems to have been converted to this brand.
  45. She said the movement of wrist and thumbs were superior to others, as well as the padding for the palms.
  46. They have a great finger protection and even better grip.
  47. I use them once a week for an adult league and couldn’t be more satisfied.
  48. Good quality gloves, this is the second pair we are buying.
  49. The first pair of gloves came defected and the company graciously replaced them.
  50. Need a sprits or two of water and they are nice and tacky.
  51. She said that they support her wrists and her wrists haven’t been sore.
  52. Customer service is top notch and they stand by their product and the customer.

Buy Renegade GK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves With Removable Pro Fingersaves – Sizes 7-11, 3 Styles/Cuts (Hybrid, Roll, Flat), 30 DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE WARRANTY -Unisex, Adult, Youth Soccer Goalies here $48.99 – $59.99

Madden NFL 25 – Playstation 3

madden nfl playstation

  1. Running is better, but is too good, even with a blitz it can be tough to hold the person to less than 3 yards.
  2. If you run well you almost never need to pass the ball and that doesn’t really feel like football.
  3. The overcompensation swung the madden pendulum to a ridiculous run percentage.
  4. Better luck next time

    man coverage with the stupidest defenders.

  5. This is similar to the “Modify the receivers route, throw it to him and have another guy catch it while the defenders go for the primary receiver and let guy number two run for a touchdown”, not right.
  6. Probably most frustrating is trying to intercept a pass that you have read perfectly.
  7. At times your strafing and the ball literally missed you head by 6 inches and your football players hands that evidently cannot move left or right.
  8. So far it appears it maybe a great game.But the hype of not seeing the same tackle and such is just that hype.I saw the same tackle way to many times.
  9. Same issues over and over and actually the same scenes as were in other Madden games as of late.
  10. But after all it is a good game so far.Time will tell more as I get into it.
  11. Updated 12 / 30 / 2013

    OK have now played this game awhile.

  12. Strange things happen within the game that is for sure.
  13. You may get picked off even when your man catches the ball or you may have a man completely covered and yet he still catches it or a runner down and yet gets up and runs for more yardage, yes some odd glitches .
  14. If one plays offline as i do, you have to go to coaching mode to play as your team and play a season.
  15. BUT, I do like playing the game in-spite of some really bad glitches and foolish set-ups.
  16. The offense has the advantage in this game, especially a Running back .
  17. Overall it is a Madden game, it has it’s poor moments and it has it’s good moments.
  18. But one would think after all these years all the “bad” would have been fixed before release and better yet no bad in the first place .
  19. But it is what it is and as many posters noted it is not getting better with Madden, it just keeps going flat .
  20. I am sure future games will be on the new gen consoles , so i will not be buying anymore of Madden in that case.
  21. Not having any competition in the market place has made them complacent.
  22. This is my first NFL Madden purchase because according to consumers the previous titles weren’t all that hot.

Buy Madden NFL 25 – Playstation 3 here

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