polo Football Spokey pro team ii red
High strength obtained thanks to the use of synthetic leather, reinforced with polyurethane and a special structure of the outer layer (three-dimensional mesh)

The use of polyurethane reduces the absorption of water and increases the flexibility of the outer shell of the ball, at the same time ensuring its good reflection. Versatility-thanks to the high strength of the outer layer, the ball can be used not only for playing on grass but also for hard surfaces (asphalt, concrete)


material-synthetic, polyurethane leather



size-5 (680-700 mm)

weight-420-440 g

number of layers-4

Brand: Spokey


Spokey – Neoprene – Knee support – Gym – SPORT Size.S – (28,5 – 31,1cm) by Spokey

spokey neoprene knee support gym sport size by spokey

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    Ultra Pro Poly Team Bags

    ultra pro poly team bags

    1. If you have multiple cards in one shipment, it keeps them together and has a nice adhesive strip to close it.
    2. They’re strong, easy to seal, and generally allow opening and reuse with the flap adhesive still functioning.
    3. There is no chemical/plastic smell and they are super easy to use.
    4. In the past we had used shrink wrap but these are much easier to use and fit our product better.
    5. Top loaders from 35pt to 130pt fit perfectly in these bags.
    6. The pictured triple auto is 75pt and the Tate relic auto is 100pt.

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