polo Football Spokey velocity spear

polo Football Spokey velocity spear 1
The Spokey VELOCITY SPEAR football has been prepared for those who love to stand out. Remarkable colors and interesting patterns make it one of a kind. QUALITY We set high standards before our equipment, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the right quality materials are used. We know that it is good to stand out, that’s why we put a special emphasis on refined design.

The VELOCITY SPEAR model is a particularly original proposal, combining interesting color and eye-catching design. TECHNOLOGY Thanks to the use of synthetic leather, reinforced thermoplastic ball has high strength.

TPU application-reduces the absorption of water and increases the flexibility of the outer shell of the ball, at the same time ensuring its good reflection. Careful finish and modern design make it a model gladly chosen by amateur football.

The VELOCITY SPEAR model has been prepared in the standard size used in football.

The circumference of the optimally inflated ball is 690 mm -/- 10 mm, and its weight: 420 g -/- 10 g. Spokey footballs can be pumped both with the use of a pump and a compressor.

To get the best reflection of the ball, inflate it according to the information in the area of ​​the valve or on the packaging. PURPOSE The ball is intended for playing on grass pitches.



Size-5 (680-700 mm)

Weight-410-430 g

Number of layers-2



Brand: Spokey


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