helmet for cyclists fox flux fatigue Camo

helmet for cyclists fox flux fatigue Camo 1
Bicycle helmet from FoxHead. Its shell was made in In-Mold technology, it is very light and airy-it has 20 ventilation holes.

The center of the helmet has been placed EPS foam, has a detachable visor and a spoiler in the back.

Brand: Foxhead


Fox Head Flux Helmet

fox head flux helmet

  1. The helmet is very comfortable due in part to the detox retention system, that allows the wearer to individually adjust each side/back to the shape of wearer’s head.
  2. Lets face it, no one has a perfectly shaped head and the Flux’s individual ratchet straps at the rear allow for a custom fit, whereas the wheel type adjuster on most helmets adjusts both sides equally.
  3. With the Flux, I typically have one side a few notches tighter than the other.
  4. It’s a quick fit adjustment, just pulling the straps together with the thumb and forefinger.
  5. It’s as quick or quicker than the wheel style adjuster and it’s more precise.
  6. The other reason the fit is so good is proper molding and labeling of sizes available.
  7. The only negative I noticed is this helmet is slightly heavier, than other helmets similarly styled and priced.
  8. Had it been possible, I would have knocked off 1/4 of a star because some riders are very weight conscience of every part and accessory.
  9. I recommend the Fox Flux Helmet and I would buy it again.
  10. With just a pinch you can open a close it with ease, making it easy to take the helmet off especially if you clamped it on for a down hill run, but you can wear it a little looser for the streets.
  11. Check out the pictures and you’ll see how you can just pinch to tighten it down and release to loosen it up.
  12. The helmet overall was comfortable right out of the box.
  13. I really like the matte black finish and the extra cover on the back of the head is really awesome.
  14. It just adds that extra bit off confidence that if you bail, you’re head won’t be crushed because the helmet came off.
  15. It really makes for a secure fit in addition to more protection.
  16. Much better than just a “turtle” sitting on top of your head.
  17. It reminds me of a cop helmet for some reason lol or maybe an equestrian helmet.
  18. It looks cool which is kind of important because if you feel dumb wearing it, you’re not going to wear it and that defeats the purpose.
  19. Let me go on record saying I hate helmets, but I got whacked by a car a couple of weeks ago and even though I didn’t crush my skull, I only consider myself lucky because I didn’t want to wear a helmet on my short (10min) daily commute to work.
  20. So I found this helmet and haven’t thought twice about not wearing one.
  21. Let me say, even if you’re in a bike lane, mind those drivers man.
  22. The chin strap is good, but I haven’t really noticed it since I trimmed it up.
  23. I should mention that the adjustments on the chin strap are spot on and make for a quick custom fit as well.
  24. They fit well around your ears without rubbing or making it harder to take it on/off.
  25. The visor is a little flimsy, but I get that’s the idea so if you faceplant it doesn’t cause the helmet to push back and off of your skull.
  26. You still get a little sweaty on the brow of course, but not your scalp.
  27. I also really like the little fox head detail/ fin on the back.
  28. It’s barely noticeable and kinda funny that I appreciate it since pretty much only a 13 year old should care.
  29. I think others who like to bike, but aren’t into the whole “euro-sportiva” ├╝ber flashy look will really like it.
  30. Definitely a good fit for the more subdued, grungy crowd.
  31. I had to modify the interior of the helmet in order to make it more comfortable so I used the extra padding that Fox provided and stuffed it on the bump.
  32. It has nice big vent holes near the top so your head gets the cooling that it needs, and there is a space on top of the helmet that is ideal for putting Go-Pro mounts.
  33. Overall, if you modify the padding on the inside, it turns into a great helmet.
  34. This Fox Flux was in the top 3 and when I saw it drop in price I grabbed it.
  35. My researched proved to be quite accurate and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
  36. The air pockets are large enough to get a nice amount of air in and the back looks awesome.
  37. FYI
    If you want a 360 view YOUTUBE this helmet and watch reviews.
  38. Very light, doesn’t droop down while riding or impair any vision.
  39. Recommended to a couple friends who have since purchased one as well.
  40. Hard to keep your head high enough to see the trail ahead, especially on technical terrain.
  41. Overall like it, but will go with different brand next time.
  42. I do not like how some of the back straps inside bother the back of my head.
  43. It fits very well and protects the back of the head very well.

Buy Fox Head Flux Helmet here $48.94 – $121.88

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