shirt bike fox ranger gray
Fox Ranger shirts were created to overcome fabulous single tracks.

They are perfect for all-mountain All Mountain, Trail, Enduro or Freeride. Jerseye are extremely light and airy.


– fast drying polyester

– from the inside very nice to the touch

– short zip lock

– small zippered pocket on the side

– not skin-irritating finish of the collar

– cut T-shirt adapted to the position of the bike

– extended back

– fade resistant graphics

Brand: Foxhead


Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves

fox racing ranger mountain bike gloves

  1. Choose the right glove for your riding style with the Ranger Glove.
  2. Don’t buy these gloves if you want padded, heavy duty riding gloves.
  3. I bought them for when I eventually fall off my boosted longboard.
  4. They glued the felt onto the wrist instead of stitching it.
  5. Why would you do that to a part of a glove that gets pulled on each and every time you take off the glov?
  6. Just ordered another pair in cyan which in the photo looks cyan and red.
  7. It is not heavily padded but I don’t need that for a lot of my riding.
  8. I like it for hot summer mtb riding in my local woods with the occasional crash or whipping branch where you need full finger protection.
  9. Some have been, fingerless and others full finger like these.
  10. I decided I wanted to stick with full finger again and after what seemed like an endless search, I decided to stick with a known brand like fox.
  11. My last pair were 661 and I was a bit hesitant to stray as they worked very well for my needs.
  12. Once I decided that based on price, size availability and style I took a chance and bought these.
  13. Once they arrived I was a bit concerned that the size wouldn’t match and I would have to go through the painstaking process of returning but upon opening the package and trying them on I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they felt on my hands.
  14. The colors were exactly as described and the style was even better then depicted.
  15. Now that all of that was out of the way it was time to put them to the test.
  16. After hitting my first trail I knew these were going to be exactly what I wanted.
  17. They are tough, yet comfortable and they were even a little moisture wicking which was a surprise especially since I ride in AZ.
  18. I will say that from first search, through delivery and testing, I have been very happy and am I glad I took a chance to switch from my normal brand.
  19. I recommend these to not only people who already wear full finger gloves but anyone thinking of moving away from half fingers.
  20. Nicely padded for those unexpected ground contact moments.
  21. Either way, if you are between sizes I would probably go with the larger size.
  22. They are slippery on the bars when it’s wet or hot and you’ve sweated a lot.
  23. The soft fabric may break in a stick a bit more but for where I ride I’m not going to take the time to break them in.
  24. He doesn’t usually like closures on his gloves just the slip ons but this closure is small enough and out of the way to where it doesn’t bother his writing.
  25. They are a bit narrow and snug and I have somewhat small hands.
  26. I had always used this brand and Medium usually worked fine for me, but these are somehow small.
  27. It heated my hands while riding because of that friction.

Buy Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves here $11.99 – $69.95

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