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Glasses characterized by durability and reliability, very comfortable, for everyday use.

A perfect choice for everyone, for whom comfort is not a priority, but a necessity. Lenses allow a wide field of vision and tightness, making them an ideal choice for agile and highly active swimmers.


Material: Lenses-PC polycarbonate

Frame-PC polycarbonate

Seals-liquid silicone

Strap-liquid silicone

– spherical glass

– seals made of liquid silicone

– metallic coating on the frame

– shared bar

– ACS (Adjust Control System)

Advantages: All ARENA glass is covered with a special Anti-fog coating

Easy to wear when worn with the ACS system

Wide field of view

Hard lenses for excellent visibility under water

Perfectly matched

Liquid silicone for maximum comfort of use

The strap was divided for comfort and stability

Protection against harmful UV rays

Terms of use:
– avoid wiping the inside of the glass

– care for the purity of the glass

– gently spit the chlorine from the eyepieces under the current water

– do not put wet goggles into the case-they must dry naturally.

Technologies used: Anti-Fog-is a special polymeric coating located on the inside of the glasscausing even distribution of drops of water, creating a thin layer.

This ensures perfect visibility all the time, regardless of whether the glasses are dry or wet.

The unique lens hardening process gives them exceptional transparency and prevents discolouration from the sun light.

UVShield is a protection against harmful UV rays.

The ACS automatic adjustment system provides a perfectly precise belt adjustment system.

The product does not contain PVC.

Liquid silicone is the best material for the production of goggles. very soft to the touch guarantees the highest comfort. rubber removes abrasions and allergic reactions. liquid silicone is up to 20 times stronger than classic materials, thanks to which it adapts better to the face. tests carried out under unfavorable conditions (rain, drought, UV)

did not detect any damage to the material. the arena provides the largest number of spectacles in which the composition is liquid silicone. it is an unrivaled material.

In 1972, during the Olympic Games in Munich, Horst Dassler (son of Adolph Dassler, founder of the Adidas brand)

was the witness of winning 7 gold medals by the American swimmer Mark Spitz. Under the influence of this event and seeing the growing interest in swimming thanks to the Spitz phenomenon, Dassler began to create a company specializing in the production of swimming equipment and swimwear.
After the Olympic Games, the hero of which was Mark Spitz, many companies were striving for its reasons. Eventually, he decided to cooperate with Dassler’s band to create a new swimming brand, known today as ARENA.
ARENA won the recognition of the best athletes in the world. It has equipment and clothing for water sports. Many years of investments in research, the use of innovative solutions and cooperation with the world’s most outstanding floats enabled ARENA to prepare the best quality clothing and swimming equipment. It all causes that the group of professionals who have trusted ARENA is huge. The swim equipment ARENA is used by swimming federations, among others Germany, Russia, Sweden, Croatia, New Zealand, South Africa or Hungary.

The most well-known technologies introduced by ARENE in 30 years include: Skinfit®, Flyback®, AquaRacer®, X-Flat® and Powerskin® and Powerskin X-Treme®. They are based on perfect fitting of costumes to the user’s body, reducing the burden of materials, changing the structure, all in order to achieve the best results while maintaining the convenience of use.
The main purpose of ARENA from the beginning of its existence was to promote water sports. It was thanks to the creation of the highest quality products, intended both for professionals and for every swimming enthusiast. Film presenting goggles (English version)

: ACS system support:

Brand: Arena


Giggly Goggles NEW 2018 swim goggles

giggly goggles new swim goggles

  1. Made from soft Neoprene on the outside and textured rubber on the inside for ultimate comfort, great traction and great hold!
  2. The special bungee band on the side makes for an easy fit for most sizes!
  3. Munchkin Small size (6 months- 2 years) Junior Medium size (3-10 years) Youth Large size (teens to adults ) Fit will vary by head size.
  4. The unique patented design allows for an easy on and off no need for any adjustments!
  5. Aside from not pulling one’s hair or hurting the bridge of the nose, these cool looking Neoprene masks protects the eye orbits from UV rays and prevents water from leaking in and they are sure to put a smile on every face!
  6. They work very well and are a nice looking addition for swimmers.
  7. I really believe she loves the attention the goggles bring.

Buy Giggly Goggles NEW 2018 swim goggles here $21.25 – $25.00

IST Orbit Snorkel Set

ist orbit snorkel set

  1. Easy adjusting mask buckles attached to the frame, simple and compact storage.
  2. Ideal for snorkeling, body boarding and good for traveling.
  3. Cutting-edge natural curved shape dry top to stay dry, hypo-allergenic mouth piece reduces jaw fatigue.
  4. Convenient, compact, fast-drying mesh bag to fit the whole set in, and ready to go.
  5. Easy adjusting mask buckles attached to the frame, simple & compact storage.
  6. Non-vented open heel fins with supple foot pocket, smooth, soft and super-comfy.
  7. The quick adjust buckle plus silicone strap for perfect fitting and comfort.
  8. Ideal for snorkeling, a short, powerful fin, agile enough to be also used as a bodyboarding fin.
  9. Cutting-edge designed purge chamber low profile dry top snorkel for effective water clearing.
  10. Hypo-allergenic high grade silicone mouthpiece improves comfort and to reduce jaw fatigue, natural curved shape tube with snorkel holder.
  11. Our entire snorkel set fits in this convenient, compact, fast-drying plastic mesh bag.
  12. Compact and light weight an ideal companion set for travel.
  13. Available in variety of colors and sizes to choose from.
  14. With the shorter fins we didn’t break any speed records but they’re great for portability purposes and hey saved room in our suitcases.The travel bag was just large enough for carrying extras like water bottle, wallet, keys and sunscreen.
  15. I’ve done a lot of diving in my day, so I know how to use a mask.
  16. I wear a lady’s size 7 – 7 1/2 shoe and the fins fit perfectly.
  17. The mask maintained a perfect seal, the fins weren’t so big that you couldn’t walk in them, and the dry top snorkel worked great.
  18. My son son and his girlfriend used the fins provided by the tour and had to constantly messed with them to keep water out of the mask and snorkel; while I spent all that time in the water.
  19. After swimming I rinsed everything with clean water and tossed them in the bag to dry.
  20. Purchased to take along with me for snorkeling when taking a ‘mini’ vacation to St.
  21. Got several compliments on this gear from the students at Ross University (the veterinary school).
  22. I would advise you to purchase snorkel socks for the fins to prevent chafing.
  23. I purchased a pair of these and they also worked great!
  24. I spent several days snorkeling in the Mediterranean and these never failed me.
  25. No leaks, the snorkel itself seals off very well, and the fins were comfortable to wear for hours.
  26. After our trip, we visited family that have a pool, my son thought he was in the ocean!
  27. There were no leaks and breathing mechanism worked well with no water coming in.
  28. We used this exclusively for 14 days and snorkeled constantly.
  29. Definitely trendy looking and none of the yuckiness of using a borrowable mask and fins from the yacht club.
  30. Treated it with toothpaste 5x times at home and had to shave my beared, but worked just fine.
  31. However the fins is a bit weak due to its size, so you basically sacrificed speed for compactness.

Buy IST Orbit Snorkel Set here $59.50 – $180.00

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