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– Glasses with reduced thickness

– Double silicone strap

– Increased grip and comfort

– Perfect face fit

Brand: Arena


Arena Pure Mirror Swim Goggle

arena pure mirror swim goggle

  1. The goggles are in between the make-it-yourself swedes and the speedo vanquishers.
  2. There is a rubber lining around the rims of the goggles, but, unlike vanquishers, the rubber is not squishy.
  3. This means that the rubber does not help make a seal with your eyes, so if you don’t have the goggles in the perfect position on your eyes before you jump in the water, there will be a small leak in your goggles.
  4. This can be fixed with enough fiddling, but I have to do this at least 3 of every 4 times I initially get in the water for a day.
  5. I was also impressed with the rainbow of colors on the goggles as well.
  6. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I had a pair like this ones and love them.
  7. They work much better with goggle bungee straps, which you have to purchase separately, but all goggles work better with them.
  8. I had to re-wear it a few time in 50 minute lapswimming.
  9. They are by far the most comfortable pair that I have ever worn, and my eyes don’t hurt at all after 2-2.5 hour practices.

Buy Arena Pure Mirror Swim Goggle here $22.70

Arena Pure Race Swim Goggle

arena pure race swim goggle

  1. The anti-fog polycarbonate lens is shatter-resistant and UV protected.
  2. Lens gaskets have a thin, durable TPR coating and the dual silicone strap is easy to adjust and provides a secure fit for racing.
  3. Four interchangeable nose pieces let you create a custom fit and avoid water intake.
  4. Established in 1973 by entrepreneur and sports sponsorship pioneer Horst Dassler, Arena was the first swim company to begin researching textiles and fluid dynamics in order to develop fast, hydrodynamic racing equipment.
  5. Headquartered in Tolentino, Italy, Arena is sold around the world, bringing a distinctive Italian flair to its wide range of swim, beach, and leisure wear.
  6. Unlike other pairs that have larger straps these have a easy to adjust smaller round straps.
  7. My face and head are normal and they apply a hard concentrated force between your eye and nose.
  8. As a result, I unconsciously avoided swimming for quite a long time.
  9. Until this week, when I finally told myself I had to start swimming again, I immediately started looking for my old goggles online.
  10. They are such a secure fit because of the cylindrical shape and build of the rubber bands that water never leaks inside.
  11. Arena is famous for its superior anti-fog technology and these goggles never fogged up on me during years of use.
  12. Mine was light green and it came with both green and transparent straps.
  13. I switched them around whenever I felt like it and they last forever.
  14. They are relatively a tight fit for their racing purposes so if you wear them for an extended period of time they will leave marks.
  15. But if you are a serious swimmer, then quality and comfort are probably more important than the looks anyways.
  16. Arena makes some of the most expensive swim goggles and there is a reason why.
  17. These goggles are of premium quality and 20 bucks for a pair of Arena is a real steal.

Buy Arena Pure Race Swim Goggle here $13.30

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