glasses uvex challenge black

glasses uvex challenge black 1
UVEX sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.


Protection-100% UVA / UVB / UVC


Lenses-Uvex Litemirror

Brand: Uvex


Uvex Sportstyle 116 Crossover Sunglasses – 531977

uvex sportstyle crossover sunglasses

  1. The Uvex sportsstyle 116 is an allrounder for every kind of outdoor activity.

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Uvex S3200X Genesis Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, Clear UV Extreme Anti-Fog Lens

uvex x genesis safety eyewear black frame clear extreme anti fog lens

  1. The dual 9-base unilens offers peripheral vision and protection, while the soft, flexible fingers adjust and conform to most nasal profiles.
  2. Impact to the forehead is minimized by the soft elastomer brow.
  3. Style: Wraparound Frame Color: Black Frame Material: Plastic Lens Material: Polycarbonate.
  4. Built with patented Multi-Material Technology and a high level of adjustablilty, the Uvex Genesis delivers a broad range of superior benefits.
  5. Genesis provides workers with extraordinary all-day comfort and raises the bar on compliance.
  6. I recently bought UV and Blue Light meters by Tenmars and Solarmeter, respectively, to test light sources in my house and decided to test my new glasses purchases too.
  7. Be advised that these glasses are each for slightly different applications and my results here compare only their light emission quality, which was my primary interest in buying them.
  8. This leads me to conclude that what I had read on the subject of UV light was correct: UV light doesn’t penetrate plastic well.
  9. The fact that some of these modern glasses performed worse than the old uncoated goggles makes me conclude that the thickness and matrix of plastic lenses is more significant than any coating that may be advertised.
  10. For glass lenses of course the coating is 100% responsible for UV protection.
  11. But tint color and darkness does seem to correlate with Blue/HEV light protection.
  12. The HD Vision were the darkest by far and out-performed everything but the welding goggles, which were obviously darker still.
  13. Surprisingly the S&W glasses did well despite being nearly clear – better than the AV computer glasses.
  14. I have found all three of these glasses to be outstanding shooting glasses.
  15. They provide excellent eye protection (good wrap-around), optics and focal clarity.
  16. No lens distortion whatsoever (at least none that I can perceive).
  17. The adjustability of the frame makes these super comfortable for extended wearing, even with ear muff hearing protection.
  18. The Clear lens are for indoor/outdoor use where sunlight is not an issue, or in low light conditions where a tinted lens is not appropriate or necessary.
  19. It’s supposed to be able to withstand birdshot from 8 meters.
  20. I have not tested it personally, but I can rely on the rating.
  21. I have not been able scratch them yet and I toss them around, if that is any indication of their durability.
  22. My peltor ear muffs don’t seal perfectly with these on, but that doesn’t matter much to me because I double up on ear-pro.
  23. No interference with my field of view, and I cannot see the edges of the lens – it wraps that far around my eyes.
  24. The arms are adjustable, and click in place with assurance at each position.
  25. To me, when wearing these, it feels as though the correct position of the arms is actually “floating” a few millimeters above my ear.
  26. Meaning, with the lens square and tight to my nose-bridge and forehead, the arms are not resting on my ears.
  27. With them resting on my ears, I perceive the glasses as tilting up slightly, tight on the forehead, slightly down on the bridge of my nose.
  28. But, they look fine in the mirror, and are snug and provide full coverage, either way.
  29. I’ve been wearing them for at least an hour while typing this, and I keep forgetting that they are on.
  30. I can shake my head as hard as I can until I get a headache, and they don’t slide.
  31. They don’t fog up on me and the part that goes on the ear are thin so it’s much more comfortable when wearing ear muffs at the range.
  32. They provide great eye protection and a crystal clear view (when clean).
  33. Best of all if you lose them on the trail you don’t have to lose a week of sleep over some 100 plus dollar pair of glasses you lost.
  34. While in the yard or at the firing range, I no longer need to take these glasses off to de-fog them.
  35. I now own 2 sets of this style and one of the over sized lens.

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