insulated gloves accent ice storm
Warm cycling gloves with long fingers.

– The inner side is made of non-slip AMARA skin.

– The upper side is made of fabric with a WINDTEX┬« membrane.

– Thumb with terry material.

– Protects against chill, wind and moisture.

– They breathe well and sweat away.

– Reflective trims.

Brand: Accent


Philips 9003VPB2 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb, Pack of 2

philips vpb visionplus upgrade headlight bulb pack of

  1. This makes a significant difference to your safety and comfort on the road.
  2. Better visibility provides drivers with a faster reaction time thanks to an earlier recognition of obstacles and traffic signs.
  3. All Philips Automotive Lighting products incorporate the leading edge lighting technology and original equipment quality that have made us the first choice of car manufacturers around the world.
  4. Choosing original equipment bulbs reduces the chance of early failure thanks to their higher quality standards.
  5. When changing a headlight bulb, it’s best to change in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road.
  6. In addition, it’s simply more efficient to change both headlight bulbs while your car is in for service, rather than only replace the failed one.
  7. Because we understand that safer driving is driving that offers you a clearer view of the road.
  8. And when you see more, you have more time to react to hazards.
  9. Safer vehicles with improved lighting really do make a difference.
  10. I used to buy Sylvania Silverstars because of the ice-blue tint that mimicks the HID look.
  11. After about 5 pairs in 4 months, I realized how horrible they are and upon further research that the coating actually reduces the brightness.
  12. Found a lot of reviews on car forums talking about the brand Osram and how they make the real Silverstars.
  13. Out of all of them, Philips is the easiest to get a hold of in the US which lead me to purchase them here.
  14. They are the brightest legal bulbs you can purchase and all those “ice blue” “extreme white” bulbs are junk, they are estimated to product about 1350 Lumens and a terrible lifespan.
  15. I switched from a standard stock bulb to these so I was able to notice a good change in brightness, but i’m sure if varies with each car and the bulb they are replacing.
  16. So to sum it up, don’t expect HID grade brightness, just expect a very good quality bulb that will give you the best from a halogen bulb.
  17. The installation process for the Legacy is insane and takes a while because you have to get to the bulb through the wheel well and a small hole.
  18. The passenger side low beam was the bulb that died so I went ahead and replaced both bulbs in a matter of about 45 minutes.
  19. There’s a noticeable whiter color difference with the new bulbs compared to the OEM but they are only slightly brighter than OEM.
  20. Hopefully these last as long as the OEM one’s did, at least 75k miles or so.
  21. HECK YEAH, it’s definitely brighter, no doubt about that!
  22. The factory bulbs are decent, but these are most assuredly brighter.
  23. I’ve used Philips bulbs in all of my cars, and have always been impressed with the quality.
  24. While these are newly installed, I have no fear of them lasting a long time.
  25. So far so good, but they’re definitely in the 3400k range – significantly more yellow than my 6000k LEDs.
  26. Not really a criticism since yellow light is supposed to be easier on your eyes and high beans are generally used on dark challenging roads.
  27. I took them for a spin around the block but no maintain driving yet.
  28. Photo shows the colour compared to my LEDs and highbeams with lowbeams compared to lowbeams only.
  29. These are advertised as being 60% brighter but still be within legal limits.
  30. The attached picture shows they are brighter/whiter in color than the original (new bulb on left).
  31. If I had to guess they are roughly 40% brighter although the picture does not do it justice.
  32. Since each auto has different optics the end result can be different, so for the record these were installed in a 2011 Volvo XC60.
  33. Overall I am satisfied with the results and will follow-up if they need replaced.
  34. Note: If you have the same model vehicle and are considering LED, the bulb is behind a cover on the back of the head light assembly with minimal clearance.
  35. So trying to fit a longer bulb would not work without modifying the cover and risking a bad seal.
  36. Installed on a 2005 Nissan Titan

    CON: Installed in Sep 2017 but am concerned about reviews indicating short longevity.

  37. Reviews indicate these lights may last less than 2 years!?
  38. I kept my one remaining 12-yr old light as a spare for when one of these new bulbs burn out so I don’t have to buy a new pair right away.
  39. My original lights were Phillips “made in Germany” and these are also made in Germany.
  40. WARNING: Part of the longevity problem my be with the installation process.
  41. Natural body oils on the bulbs may contribute to reduced longevity.
  42. I handled the bulbs (from package to installation) using a clean paper towel.
  43. Although my actual problem lay with the socket having burned out, i decided to just install the new lights instead of returning them.
  44. The lights are much better than the prior ones we had and am happy with the purchase.

Buy Philips 9003VPB2 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb, Pack of 2 here $18.73

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