Goalkeeper glove miter Anza jr
Made of synthetic materials and foam, inner-grip side made of latex foam. Fastened with velcro, which allows you to adjust the gloves to the width of the wrist and at the same time protects against injuries.



Model-Anza G2 Jnr

Type of clasp-Velcro

Material-foam / synthetic material



Brand: Mitre


Mitre No.7 ANZA G2 Durable Glove

mitre anza durable glove

  1. I bought these on reading some great reviews but found that after only a few games they began to wear significantly.
  2. The foam padding on the palm side just begins to disintegrate.
  3. The finger savers are great, an they hold up great also.
  4. The index finger spine did rip through the tip of the glove after 2 uses.
  5. Not a huge deal as spines are not needed in a size 4 glove.
  6. Otherwise they are a great pair of gloves for turf use and have held up well.
  7. I’m not sure they help her much- she’s only 6 so hard to tell.
  8. I’d look at more options if you were looking to buy gloves.

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Mitre ANZA G2 Durable Goalie Glove #11

mitre anza durable goalie glove

    Buy Mitre ANZA G2 Durable Goalie Glove #11 here $15.91

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