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Match goalkeeper gloves from the super soft latex MS2, increasing the ball’s grip by 40%, in all weather conditions, compared to the usual latex.

Brand: Mitre


GloveGlu Revive Pack

gloveglu revive pack

  1. Gloveglu enhances your glove’s grip in all conditions with one quick spray.
  2. Unlike a perfume based spray, that simply masks a smell, Glovefresh works directly on the odor producing bacteria eliminating them and the unpleasant smell.
  3. I use the actual glove glu only going into my second game when my older gloves are starting to have some slip on them.
  4. This brings the tackiness back without going over the top.
  5. I haven’t used the “fresh” part of the product much because I wash my gloves after every use but the one time I did use the product it seemed to neutralize odors well.
  6. This review actually reminds me that I need to go buy some more of the wash.
  7. Use the refresh product even when storing it and they will never get nasty odors.
  8. The sticky glove glu is very tacky and helps quite a bit.
  9. Ball can stick to the fingers when trying to point the ball.
  10. I’ve been wondering if this stuff is allowed by FIFA regulations.
  11. The Glu works – daughter was playing in the rain and snagged a ball like it was bone dry.
  12. My gloves used to be smelly and sticky inside but now they are like new each time.
  13. I play about 6-10 indoor games a week so my gloves definitely get some good love.

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