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Goalkeeper gloves REUSCH Waorani The Reusch brand is associated with precision, innovation and professionalism in the field of goalkeeping equipment.

There is no way to question the high position in the world of football for this company because every professional goalie wants to be stocked with such a high quality equipment.

This is confirmed by research and someone who once felt this German quality come joyfully to her. Now it is possible for anyone who even begins their adventure in this exciting sport. Let yourself also feel the precision in fittings, comfort and a non-standard look! Goalkeeper gloves are one of the most important equipment in the whole game on the pitch.

The grip, the perfect match of gloves, and a sure grip guarantee a perfect defense against an unwanted goal. Reusch gloves have many models of different sewing, cut and color-just so that the goalkeeper could perfectly match the elasticity and shape to the anatomy of his construction and temperament. "The combination of sharp edges and intense colors makes the products from the 2014 collection are distinctive and have character." MODEL 34 70 871 is the basic version of training gloves, soft foam and inserts of soft material that makes the hand movements more flexible when defending


– The basic, new model of gloves: waorani; airy and flexible.

– The zones between the fingers filled with material for more ventilation.

– Inserts of materials in the part at the wrist.

– Elastic band with velcro for better fit and protection of the ankle.

– Strong and resistant foam.

– Color: combination of vivid lemon with firm red.

– Foam: synthetic latex.

– External material: reinforced foam.

REUSCH-German sports company was founded in 1934 in Metzingen. Its founder is Karl Reusch. It was thanks to this company in the 70s of the last century that the first glove covered with latex was created in the world.

Brand: Reusch


Reusch Soccer Waorani Pro X1 Ortho-Tec Gloves

reusch soccer waorani pro ortho tec gloves

  1. No matter if dry or moist conditions, the X1 Wet ‘N Dry foam offers the ultimate in grip.
  2. Other features include a Rolled Expanse Cut ESS (Expanse Support System) that keep fingers pre-splayed and Removable Ortho-Tec finger spines for protection and flexibility.
  3. Reusch’s new 3-D Thumb Crotch eliminates bothersome seams between the index finger and thumb.
  4. Protection is excellent, palm cousing is a little skinnier than puma but loves the .
  5. Abrasion resistance isn’t great but for the grip and comfort the trade off is worth it.
  6. I definitely prefer these to the G2s because I have found solid palms to be better grip than with rolled palms.

Buy Reusch Soccer Waorani Pro X1 Ortho-Tec Gloves here $125.29 – $160.00

Reusch Soccer Waorani Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec LTD Gloves

reusch soccer waorani deluxe ortho tec ltd gloves

  1. Free-floating finger stays for stability, flexibility and support.
  2. Reusch’s new 3-D Thumb Crotch eliminates bothersome seams between the index finger and thumb.
  3. I’ve always been a Reusch fan, and they have never let me down.
  4. The palm is super tacky, the addition of the silicon finger tips is fantastic, and the back hand is superb.
  5. As always the ortho-tech works perfectly and have kept my fingers in perfect working order despite some fingertips saves.
  6. My only concern when buying these was the durability of the palm.
  7. I play a lot on astroturf (the fake plastic grass) and was worried they would get torn up in a matter of minutes, but I have played in twice a week for the last 2 months using these and they still look fantastic.
  8. I’d say these are holding up just as well as they did, which is pretty impressive.
  9. I’d say one of the best quality gloves on the market right now.
  10. And even though I play in recreation leagues, they make me feel pro.
  11. A little on the pricey side, but worth every penny, I’d recommend them to anyone.
  12. My first pair were the Adidas Predator All-Round Fingersave that lasted 15 months but already needed a change after a year of use.
  13. It was a hard decision for me to change them but I decided for these Reusch Waorani Deluxe and even though they are more expensive they are way better in every aspect.
  14. Easier to put them on and off and more resistent at the wrist when pulling them to put them on, easier to wash, better latex, better technology in the finger protections, it also includes thumb protection and are all removable if you prefer not to use them, the fingers are pre splayed which helps maintain your hands ready to save the goal, rougher material on the back of the hand for hitting balls with the fist, and the most amazing feature for me was the finger ventilation, since the frst time I felt my hands cool and fresh, less sweaty which prevents the glove to suffer from unwanted odors.
  15. This is the last pair I got for him & he’s been using this style for 3 years.
  16. Be sure to find out how to measure for gloves before ordering.
  17. Naturally curves your hand in the position you want to be in.
  18. After 3 games playing on the turf there is already noticeable damage to palm.
  19. He loves the feel of the materials, the freedom of movement while still getting support and how well the materials have maintained after being wet and abused.
  20. Anyway these gloves were difficult to find and now in the field they works great.
  21. I purchased them at a discounted price because they were last year’s model.
  22. However, they have performed flawlessly and I have been really impressed with their durability so far.
  23. I started using them 2-4 times a week for various games and practice.

Buy Reusch Soccer Waorani Deluxe G2 Ortho-Tec LTD Gloves here $142.00 – $190.00

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