Goalkeeper glove select youth


– SELECT 03 Youth are training and match gloves for children

– Foam: 3 mm Flexion Latex-guarantees excellent grip in all weather conditions

– Ventilation: on the sides of the fingers a special mesh was used to allow air circulation

РCut: Anatomical cut ensures optimal fit of the glove. Glove designed according to the natural hand position

– Buckling: Slit-like closure makes it easy to put on the glove while allowing freedom of movement

Brand: Select


Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves

select sport america youth hard ground goalkeeper gloves

  1. Flat Cut Palm – heat treated latex designed for artificial turf.
  2. Perhaps these are ok for some casual playing now and then but NOT for an active youth goalie playing a few times a week.
  3. I’m still within my window to return the item so I am definitely trying to do that!
  4. I’d rather pay more for something that won’t fall soar so quickly.
  5. She had previously been using the only kid sized glove we could find in local department stores, which was thin and not very protective.
  6. She had her fingers bent back several times, so we needed a better glove.
  7. These were reasonably priced, and have held up through a whole season of soccer.
  8. Daughter appreciates the metal in the gloves that keep her fingers from getting bent back.
  9. These are also thicker, and protect her a better when her hands get kicked or stepped on with cleats.
  10. They are big on her, but since they are durable she should have plenty of room to grow over the next couple seasons.
  11. They have reinforced finger tips to prevent bend over on finger saves.
  12. Very sturdy palm material allows good “stick ’em” feel when catching the ball.
  13. Only minor issue is that the wrist Velcro could be a little smaller – it hangs over when tightening the wrist band.
  14. Great Product, highly recommended for aspiring goalies.
  15. He thinks they protect well and I like the way they look and the stiffness with flexibility.
  16. Ordered another one, used it for 2 games and its falling apart.
  17. He is 10 years old and I bought him size 6 and they fit great.
  18. They are a bit bulky looking but my son assured me they are supposed to be like that.
  19. He plays competitive soccer and plays keeper often and said they do really protect his hands.
  20. He said his fingers don’t get bent back anymore which is great!<
  21. I am so bummed because he was so excited to have some good goalie gloves.
  22. I am trying to figure out how to contact the seller to send them photos of these as this should not happen.
  23. They are firm, well padded, and the grip on the gloves is fantastic.
  24. Do yourself a favor and pay a little more for better ones.
  25. They have not been used in games at all, only practices.
  26. Sturdy, protective, durable, good tack, with hard and flexible finger protection.

Buy Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves here $15.00 – $32.06

Select Sport America Youth 03 Guard Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Protection

select sport america youth guard goalkeeper gloves with finger protection

  1. My kid is excited about training and playing with them.

Buy Select Sport America Youth 03 Guard Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Protection here $28.24 – $39.00

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