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protectors hand peel gym thorn fit gym grips 1
Avoid tearing the skin of your hands with THORN-fit gymnastic skins! Skins made of high quality leather providing a comfortable and precise grip.

The shape of the peel itself has been cut to match the interior of the hand. In addition, gymnastic scrubs are equipped with a Velcro fastened strap, thanks to which they do not move during training.

Thanks to this, it protects your hands so well during repetitive pull-ups or toes-to-bar exercises. The scope of the exercise on tick, hoax, toes-to-bar, functional training, gymnastic elements


– Protectors intended for gymnastic exercises on rod

– Perfect for most WOD’ow

– Reduce the risk of hand injuries leading to breaks in strength training

– Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L

– 2 holes for places

– color: black with embossed THORN-fit logo

– sold in pairs


A-length from the bar to the holes for fingers-10cm 11cm 13cm

B- width of the peel-7cm 7cm 7cm

C-length of the bar-39cm 39cm 39cm

Brand: Thorn-Fit

Womens Workout Gloves | Pattern Collection

womens workout gloves pattern collection

  1. They also help absorb shock, and help prevent compression on the median nerve.
  2. All this and more make these exercise gloves a must-have to protect your health and safety!
  3. Whether your workout of the day involves pullups, deadlifts, weightlifting, or Pilates and yoga, these gloves will give you the iron grip to conquer like only you can!
  4. Also, they are great for watersports, wheelchair use, and mountain and rock climbing!
  5. EASIER, BETTER WORKOUT – With superior design, these gloves help make your workout easier on your body.
  6. Not only can they help prevent hand fatigue while you’re repping like a champ, they are also great at stopping callouses and blisters, and can ease pain from arthritis!
  7. Also, by decreasing pressure on your hands, letting other muscles to do more of the work, these gloves will help you lift better!
  8. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND STYLE – With our forward-thinking, open-knuckle design and cropped fingers, your new weightlifting and exercise gloves for women will allow exceptional freedom of movement, hand flexibility, and still allow you to show off your stylish rings!
  9. The open design also helps to prevent workout overheating, and thus minimizes annoying and dangerous hand sweating!
  10. A COMFORTABLE, FANTASTIC LOOK – Our exercise gloves feature a number of incredible styles to fit your specific look at the gym.
  11. You need the strength to support and protect those you care about, and with our various stunning and tough-looking styles of women’s exercise gloves, you can build that strength while looking great!
  12. The futuristic neoprene build will also wick moisture, and is breathable, lightweight, quick drying, and makes for the ultimate in both fit and comfort!
  13. Made with the superior design necessary for protecting you from workout injury, we pride ourselves in giving you an extreme grip, all while letting you wow your gym partners with your bold fashion statement.
  14. These exercise gloves are made from high-tech neoprene to be lightweight, breathable, and quick drying.
  15. This design and build also allows them to contour your hands for an expert fit and look.
  16. With an easy on and off Velcro® closure, and a tailored fit made especially with women in mind to prevent bunching at the palm, these gloves will make you love your workout even more than before!
  17. Not only will you look like amazing in these exercise gloves for women, but their special design will also help you lift more as the pressure is taken off of your palms and redistributed.
  18. Thick enough to protect, but thin enough to not get in the way, these exercise gloves are a must-have for your workout!
  19. These exercise gloves for women with wrist support are just what you need to complete your workout!
  20. With our proprietary high-tech silicone ink grip on the palms, these gloves will give you a no-slip grip to push through your reps, safer, stronger, and better!
  21. Also, by taking pressure off your wrists and palms, they aid in blood flow to the carpal bones, and ease pain from arthritis.
  22. The cropped fingers will also provide you with freedom of movement, and will even let you show off your rings while you work out!
  23. Super easy to care for, you just need to wash them with soap and water, and then lay them out flat to dry.
  24. By washing after each use, you can keep them fresh and ready for your next big thing, and keep your workout germ and smell free!

Buy Womens Workout Gloves | Pattern Collection here $29.99 – $45.00

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

reebok men crossfit nano cross trainer shoe

  1. A multi-surface outsole adds targeted traction and durability.
  2. This is a very ridged/stiff high in support and absent in comfort much like the Nike Metcon.
  3. To put things in perspective I was looking for a replacement for my worn out Nano 6’s which were the best Nano’s to date in my opinion.
  4. I think Reebok has been consistently improving this shoe year after year but I am shockingly disappointed with this shoe.
  5. I WOD 6 days a week and have almost 4 years of Crossfit experience and only owned Nano’s and one pair of Metcon’s that I thought felt like great lifting shoes but not a good WOD shoe at all.
  6. Buyers beware Nano 6 far out performs this new version of our beloved Nano.
  7. The sizing was perfect but this shoe failed miserably for me on comfort and performance.
  8. I’ve gone through 4 wods with them but may be forced to go back to my 6’s or get another pair of 6’s.
  9. The toe box is huge but then the shoe seems impossibly tight and narrow at the start of my instep.
  10. This causes your heel to come out of the shoe every time you flex your foot.
  11. You can prevent this (somewhat) by lacing the shoe so tight that your feet turn purple and go numb.
  12. I see people recommending to buy up a half size but then the shoe would be too long.
  13. On the plus side the shoe is lightweight and the materials seem high quality so they could possibly last a long time and since you can’t wear them they should last forever.
  14. The Sprints are not as narrow (although still a little tight) and are much more flexible.
  15. Reebok has reduced the toe box with the 7’s when compared to the Nano 6’s and as a result the area where the laces begins and the toe box ends is SUPER NARROW, like OUCH TIGHT!
  16. I tried these on without the laces at all and the narrowness still made me uncomfortable.
  17. So in other words, I feel like the shoes run small lengthwise.
  18. I do a variety lifts and training and have always I wanted a durable lifter from the start.
  19. I have found them in the Nano’s every time since the 2’s I flopped back and forth on getting another pair had the first release had was okay with them.
  20. I have tried the other competitors version and hated them out of the box other than the aesthetics.
  21. I wear their shoes for everything else but working out but the do not compare.
  22. If you are use to the Nano’s which I have been religious, you will like them.
  23. The only difference I have noticed is the heel which is stiffer and when running.
  24. This stiffness helps with having to have multiple shoes for different lifts.
  25. Comfort level is just like the 4’s and 6’s the flex weave makes a difference out of the box compared to the original release which require a few workouts for break in.
  26. The traction is incredible on smooth surfaces and rough.
  27. My previous pair of 7’s held good traction for about 3 months of continual use that is lifts 3-5 days a week and 1-3 miles of runs a week added in.
  28. If it was a longer than intermittent running I did not wear them, I change over to my running shoes.
  29. Stiff and the sole is definitely too flat or concave as my feet ‘slap’ when I run.
  30. This shoe is great for anything that isn’t cardio, though.
  31. Running with these is pretty awful, but lifting with them is fantastic.
  32. Their grip and traction are perfect for doing squats or cleans.
  33. I also like that the insole is removable, since I have plantar fasciitis and need to use more supportive insoles for my shoes.
  34. Maybe they will break in and be more comfortable, but for now, I would not recommend these for anything other than lifting.
  35. The new Nanos are exactly the same size as the previous pair, however, the fit felt a little off – they seemed a bit longer and didn’t seem to hold my foot as well.
  36. They were also significantly less comfortable – the area at the top of and bottom of the tongue was harder and less flexible, and dug into my foot.
  37. Although they were less comfortable I wore them for two days walking and riding all day to try and break them in, and my feet felt fine.
  38. They still didn’t have the comfort factor of the older shoes, but they were no longer uncomfortable enough to hurt my feet.
  39. After a few weeks of use, the shoes have become genuinely comfortable – and they provide really great stability in the lifts.
  40. Once broken-in they really are everything that I hoped they would be and are a worthy successor to my much loved previous pair of Nanos.
  41. Also on the plus side, they are fairly good looking shoes, and the branding is very, very subtle.
  42. I have wide feet and these were not available in wide widths.
  43. We put them on shoe stretchers for a few days and they are still a bit small.

Buy Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 7.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe here $52.00 – $233.95

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