heated socks skiing glovii

heated socks skiing glovii 1

Glovia heated clothing is a unique solution that allows you to maintain thermal comfort even on the coldest days.

Glovii products distinguish the use of heating carbon fibers, which, thanks to the emission of infrared waves, have a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Glovia’s clothing was designed for athletes, especially those who practice winter sports.

Is also an ideal solution for motorcyclists, construction workers, hunters, photographers or older people.

Heated ski socks,

sizes: M (35-40)
, L (41-46)
Features that distinguish our product:

– Heating element made of carbon fiber provides unprecedented resistance and durability, and thanks to infrared emission has healing properties
– The large surface of the heating element evenly provides heat for soaking and warming your body.

– battery: any power bank with USB output (not included)

– heating element: 2.6 W-carbon fiber
– the heating element is placed on the front part of the foot
– operating modes: 100% (HI)

– working time: 10000 mAh power bank-7 h (HI)

– material: 72% wool, 20% elastane, 6% rubber, 2% nylon
– sizes: M, L
– weight without batteries: 150 g

Brand: Glovii


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