helmet bell event white silver
Thanks to the friendly look and technologies that ensure comfort, the Event is a pure motivation to cover the next kilometer.

Technologies: Twin Axis Gear (TAG): a matching system that guarantees perfect fit in two axes-not only in circumferential, as in most helmet models but also vertically in order to better take into account the variation of the upper / lower occiput. In order to improve comfort, soft rubber is used in the raised arms of the helmet, which guarantees, among other things, a better fit to the goggles. Cam lock levers: make it easier to adjust the straps around the ears. Just open the cam, set it conveniently and close the lever. Molded polycarbonate shell (Injection Fusion Microscope)

– the extrusion technology involves joining the helmet microscope with a layer of styrofoam foam, resulting in a more solid and durable construction.

Styrofoam foam is injected into the microscope shell when it is still in the injection mold, not formed separately and glued to the shell at a later stage of production. Bell developed this process first and made it a standard in the production of high quality helmets.

This way, all their products are created, not counting hard-shelled ones.)

Overbrow Ventilation, allowing temperature regulation by means of inlet openings.

Overbrow VentilationTM forehead ventilation system forces the cold air through the inlets located above the eyes.

A special bridge makes it impossible to cover the inlets, and the arrangement of ventilation ducts guarantees the ventilation of the largest possible area of ​​the head.


– road racing and XC

– In-Mold Polycarbonate shell

– matching system TAGTM

– adjustment system-cams-matching straps around the ears

– the number of ventilation openings: 22

– Weight: 290 g

– size: M

Brand: Bell

Bell Event Helmet Red/Black Road Block, M

bell event helmet red black road block m

  1. Its 22 vents work with the Overbrow Ventilation to evenly and constantly keep your head cool.
  2. The Twin Axis Gear (TAG) Fit System now also has Cam-Lock Levers and a dual axis adjustment system to make your helmet’s positioning as effortless and precise as possible.
  3. All of the other helmets including the Bell Array helmet fell short one way or another.
  4. If you check out my reviews you will see why I felt this way.
  5. This helmet on the other hand gets almost everything right.
  6. Fit: the helmet covers a large portion of your head so you feel very well protected when riding at high speeds.
  7. Most importantly though it doesn’t give you the mushroom cap look either!!!
  8. The advanced fit system allows for multiple adjustments of the strap etc that provide a very snug fit yet it remains very comfortable.
  9. With past helmets I always seem to have an issue with the straps somewhat digging into my neck area which on a long ride can get very annoying.
  10. Design: the design of the helmet provides ample air flow which is a very important feature as a cyclist in the south.
  11. Include this on top of the light weight design and there will actually be times you forget you are even wearing the helmet.
  12. No stars docked

    Padding: to find a helmet with this much padding and comfort in this price range is rare.

  13. I won’t go into tremendous detail here but it should suffice to say the helmet has ample padding and is very comfortable to use.
  14. Color: I’ve had an issue in the past with color not matching the sellers image.
  15. I ordered the red and black helmet to match my bike and the color is accurately reproduced by the image.
  16. Protection: all helmets must meet the same criteria of protection so this may be a moot point however the helmet does a great job of engineering that transfers the stress around the air vents such that it provides plenty of airflow yet remains very protective in the event of a tumble.
  17. Overall I am extremely pleased with the helmet and if I happen to take a fall and am need for another one I will not hesitate to buy again.
  18. This is by far my favorite helmet in this price range and I highly recommend giving it a try.
  19. If you have any questions about the helmet please feel free to comment on my post and I will answer them when I can.
  20. Thank you for taking the time to read my review I hope you enjoyed it and happy riding!!!<
  21. A deal I thought was worth it, so I completed the order.
  22. After receiving the helmet, my red ended up looking more like pink than anything else.
  23. The fit system adjusts to the circumference of your head, but also adjusts up and down.
  24. The straps may be a bit annoying because they like to loosen on you every so often, but not too bad.
  25. Similar to quality as lower-mid level Giro helmets I’ve worn like the Trinity.
  26. Fit perfectly first time I put it on – just needed a slight adjustment of chin strap length.
  27. It’s not beer as comfortable and doesn’t fit nearly as well.
  28. However, the picture and color description is misleading.
  29. The orange fades to a more pink color after 7 days of continuous wear in the sun.
  30. It was supposed to be matte red and showed up looking fluorescent orange/pink.

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Bell Event Helmet White 2016

bell event helmet white

    Buy Bell Event Helmet White 2016 here $108.74 – $288.67

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