helmet to rock climbers helmets dynamo white

helmet to rock climbers helmets dynamo white 1
A helmet that provides a very effective protection against dangerous head injuries while climbing.
The name Rock Helmets has been synonymous with high quality and reliability for many years.

The company deals in the production of helmets since 1993, and these years allowed to gain a huge experience supported by specialist knowledge of protective systems. Many professionals all over the world entrust their safety to them while climbing, and RH relies on this commitment exemplary. Rock Helmets Dynamo is an ergonomic climbing helmet. Its shape means that besides increased safety, it is also comfortable and well placed on the head. Crust is made of a material called ABS, which is characterized by high hardness and impact strength. In combination with filling, which is EPS foam, which is aimed at absorbing the energy created during an impact, it is a complete protection, being a high quality security system. For regulation we will use a special knob at the back of the helmet, which we can handle one hand without the need to remove the helmet. It will ensure the optimal fit of the helmet to the shape and size of the head. In addition, the product is equipped with a fully adjustable beard strap, which for increased comfort has been lined with soft material, preventing skin chafing on the chin.

The inside of the helmet has been made of a pleasant material for our head, which will provide adequate comfort during use.

The ventilator is responsible for 6 strategically placed ventilation openings, ensuring adequate air exchange and sweat removal, even during increased exertion. Thanks to this, the helmet is comfortable both during warm days and colder days.

Thanks to the helmet clips we can securely and stably fix the head, which will allow climbing during bad lighting conditions, as well as after dark.

– The product of the renowned company Rock Helmets;

– Ergonomic shape of the helmet;

– Very convenient for the user thanks to soft padding;

– Shell made of ABS material;

– Filling EPS foam;

– Easy-to-use control knob;

– Fully adjustable brod strap;

– 6 ventilation openings;

– Clips for mounting the bracket;




Fixing the forehead-Yes

Ventilation holes-6


Shell-ABS, expanded polystyrene (EPS)


Weight-approx. 440 g

Adjustment range-54-62 cm

Brand: Rock Helmets

Dynamo Ansi White

dynamo ansi white

  1. External shell is made with ABS with the internal shell made of EPS.

Buy Dynamo Ansi White here $74.03

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