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Expert Pro GTX RR by Zamberlan is a continuation of the sensational high-tech technical boots, which were created for the expedition to the highest parts of the mountains, glaciers and climbing in the ice.

The upper in Expert Pro GTX RR shoes has been made from a combination of three extremely durable materials. Perwanger® skin treated with special Hydrobloc®, Cordury® and Superfabric®.

Thanks to this, the whole has been adapted to the extreme high mountain conditions. The RRS rubber rim further protects the upper against damage due to a collision with a scale or a piece of sharp ice.

High water resistance is provided by the GORE-TEX® membrane in the Insulated Comfort version with an additional layer of insulation.

Thanks to it, the shoes are ideal for high-altitude conditions, providing a tight barrier for snow and water and leaving feet dry.

At the same time, the great properties of the laminate make the excess moisture from the inside of the shoe can be efficiently drained outside, which will allow for a longer comfortable climate. The construction of the language is double, and the internal insert is fastened with a turnip.

This allows for a better fit of the shoe to the foot and much more efficient sweat wiping during exertion.

The high cut ensures proper stabilization of the ankle, preventing it from twisting while moving in difficult terrain.

The ZCS system, responsible for ensuring adequate amortization, uses the properties of PU foam with triple density. It causes the shocks to arise as a result of the contact of the foot with the base, which reduces both the joints and the feet. Used Vibram® Teton-Zamberlan®® outsole P.C.S. allows you to support automatic cancer in any situation that requires it.

The patented Vibram® Carrarmato treadmill offers sensational traction, and also works perfectly both when approaching and when going down the slope.

Expert Pro GTX RR shoes have been specially adapted to the most demanding tasks in high mountains, where you can fully appreciate their potential. Upper: Natural leather Perwanger, Cordura®, Superfabric® Cut: High membrane: V Otok: V Sole: Vibram® Teton-Zamberlan® PCS Lining: Textile material Crayfish automatic: V Polak automatic: V Srodpodszew: Triple density PU wedge Reinforced front: V GORE-TEX® in footwear: GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear GORE-TEX® type: GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear

Brand: Zamberlan


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