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The Sierre sachet is the best equipment for both travel and work. In a bigger pocket you hide your phone, money, keys and other things.

However, smaller pockets allow you to store your personal documents and bank cards. Its adjustable waistband makes you always feel comfortable and comfortable in it. You can always put it in a different place, on your shoulder, for example on your back or your stomach.

Thanks to this, it becomes even more functional for you. You will be happy to wear it even throughout the day. In addition, its modern and elegant design will make you feel much better.

The sachet has:

– 2 large upper pockets
– lower lower pocket
– two pockets placed on the hip belt
– tyl ventilated sachets
– adjustable strong belt
– Swiss logo on the front

Dimensions-33x16x7 cm
Weight-0.2 kg
Number of pockets-5 pockets
Capacity-4.2 liters
Application-Travel, Work, Outdoor

Brand: SwissBags

Eshow Men’s Retro Canvas Sports Racing Drop Tactical Leg Bag Fanny Pack Bike Cycling Hip Bag

eshow men retro canvas sports racing drop tactical leg bag fanny pack bike cycli

  1. FunctionsUseful and effective: make your hands free while you are camping, hunting or traveling.You can use it more conveniently in a variety of occasions,just like outdoors,the military.
  2. CapacityOne zipped main pockets with inside, one side pocket ,two pockets outside – One pocket can be put like cell phone, cash, credit card and so on.Side pocket can put keys/dollar etc.
  3. MaterialUsing natural 1000D cotton canvas, waterproof durable and lightweight.With honeycomb mesh material, designed for maximum breathability.
  4. In spite of tightening it all the way, I can still fit a closed fist easily through the thigh while wearing.
  5. Update:
    I purchased this bag and received it on 3/23.
  6. I found the thigh to be too large for me (by a lot) and created holes in the strap so I could tie a strip of leather through and tighten it up.
  7. This was fine,
    However, today is 4/6 (so it has only been 2 WEEKS) and the velcro which holds the largest front pocket closed has begun to fray around the edges.
  8. It has already unthreadded past the stitching so it hangs off in one corner, looks like the whole bottom piece of velcro will need to be replaced within a month.
  9. I have kept my phone, some protein bars, chapstick, and some money in it (so it’s not like I’ve weighed it down a whole lot).
  10. I haven’t even had it for a month, and haven’t even used it 5 times, yet the velcro is already threaded to the point of falling off??!<
  11. I will be looking to replace it immediately, super unimpressed with the lasting power of this product.
  12. I dressed as Marvel’s Black Widow and wore it as a leg holster purse when I went to a Comic Convention.
  13. I didn’t want to have to carry an actual purse while at the event, because it would take away from the look of the costume.
  14. This pouch was perfect because it had two large compartments, both of which were deep and roomy.
  15. The front compartment velcroed shut, and was good for items you needed to get to quickly, like my Samsung GS4 cell phone with its thin case on, chapstick, folded paper directions, eyedrops, etc.
  16. The compartment behind it was just as deep but zippered at the top, so it was good for storing money, as it was more secure with the zipper.
  17. It was a very roomy pouch overall, I could have fit more in each compartment if I wanted, though it may have started bulging out, so I just went with the essentials.
  18. The Velcro on the one compartment felt secure, so I didn’t worry too much about anything falling out.
  19. If I knelt down though, that might have caused some things to fall out, which is why I put my money in the other section.
  20. I kept it loose so it didn’t squeeze my leg (20″ around) and low on my hips (35″ around).
  21. One thing I would have liked was if they had added some sticky material to the inner thigh strap.
  22. That would have helped the strap to stay in place better, rather than sliding down my leg, because it would stick to my skin through friction.
  23. I found myself having to keep lifting the bottom strap so it wasn’t uneven.
  24. But I could have made it a little tighter as well, that probably would have helped but maybe made my leg look puffed.
  25. I really liked this item and it was perfect for what I used it for.
  26. Looked good, made sense as a part of the costume, and saved me from having to wear a purse.
  27. I like the basic design, and the pictures are exactly what it looks like.
  28. The material is strong canvas-type stuff, and it can hold a good amount of stuff-more than I will ever need it for.
  29. The front pouch closes with an inside zipper and outside velcro, and fits a large phone(s7 edge) with room to spare.
  30. I had my phone, a small bluetooth keyboard, and two packs of cigarettes in it with room for more.
  31. If you are a large waisted person, do not buy this bag.
  32. The strap going around your waist is very limited in how far it lets out.
  33. Anyone larger just wouldn’t be able to get it closed around the waist.
  34. First, I’m a short woman so I had some doubts about the sizing even though it appeared to be adjustable.
  35. I ride my bicycle quite often and was looking for additional storage, besides my saddle bag and back pack.
  36. This seemed like it would fit the bill and I was so right.
  37. I was able to adjust both straps, waist and leg, so they fit snug and comfortably.
  38. After seeing this, I can see other uses (besides bike riding) for this great pack as well.
  39. I will utilize this excellent leg bag / fanny pack for hiking and other walking trips to stores.
  40. It will also be useful for outdoor events.The stitching was flawless and the straps are held securely to the body.
  41. The main compartment has a heavy duty zipper with a pull tab.
  42. There is a small side pouch attached to the main compartment and there is a zippered flap on the main pocket for small items such as ID or credit cards or driver’s license.
  43. There is flat zippered section behind the main compartment which is pretty deep.
  44. This is the smallest pocket on this bag and nice for small items.
  45. I didn’t expect as much, quality wise, with this price point.
  46. In the past I’ve used the normal fanny packs but I prefer this design over those.
  47. So, if there are any ladies out there reading my review, there’s no need to hesitate buying this thinking that it may not fit.
  48. I wear a woman’s size 4 and this fit me just fine after adjusting the straps.
  49. The belt needs to be longer and the pockets s little wider.

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Fanny Pack with 4-Zipper Pockets, SAVFY Waist Bag Travel Pocket with Adjustable Belt For Workout Vacation Hiking, For iPhone 6 6S Plus, Galaxy S4 S5 S6 S7

fanny pack with zipper pockets savfy waist bag travel pocket with adjustable bel

  1. With the two small pockets in the front and the left, and a pocket in the back, you could put your keys, coins, cashes in it to protect your cell phone from scratched.
  2. A PERFECT GIFT FOR TRAVELERS: Are your Families, or your Friends planning to travel?
  3. This fanny pack is ideal for various activities such as Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Hiking, Holidays, Festivals and so on.
  4. HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from superior polyester fabric, not only durable, but also light and compact for your comfortable wear.
  5. STRONG FLEXBILE BELT: The strap of waist bag is widely adjustable for most waist size(32”-43”), suitable for men and women.
  6. It is much more secure & relaxed than carrying a bag when traveling or workout.
  7. AMPLE STORAGE SPACE: Main compartment provides independent protection for your phones from screen scratches, cash, key and watch from Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt.
  8. It’s larger than the one I had to retire due to zipper death, but not so large as to be in the way.
  9. There is plenty of room to contain everything I used to carry in my previous smaller pack.
  10. The belt feels sturdy and the location of the clasp is conveniently located close to the right front side.
  11. The only downside to this pack for me is that it’s really not attractive at all.
  12. Since I use this about 98% of the time I am out of the house, it would be nice to have a design option.
  13. It came with a small clip broken, but I don’t use that anyway.
  14. Love it, just enough pockets to hold a bunch of stuff but not too bulky either.
  15. I had been wanting a fanny pack for a while and glad I got this one, especially for the price and love the Grey color too.
  16. My passport fit conveniently in the back zipper pocket and there was plenty of room in the center zipper area for everything
  17. The fanny pack is also well made and the zippers have worked easily.

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