clip HMS Ocun eagle HMS blue triple
Eagle HMS Triple carabiner equipped with a reliable lock that will ensure your safety.
Fantastic HMS carabiner in which the latest technologies were used for maximum safety and the highest comfort of use.

The use of light alloys in the carabiner combined with hot forging allowed to reduce weight while maintaining high strength parameters.

The shape of Eagle’s rifle makes it great. In addition, it reduces the risk of incorrect adjustment of the rifle during belaying.¬†Optimal shape and rounded edges reduce wear on ropes, cables and couplings to the minimum.

The used lock belongs to one of the safest ones.

Triple lock can be opened by moving and then turning the lock.

After releasing, the zipper automatically closes and secures. In addition, the K-lock patent increases the fluidity of insertion of ropes and loops.

The Ocun Eagle HMS Triple carabiner in combination with the safety device is both convenience and safety.



EN-12275, 362



Blemish-23 mm


Weight-75 g

Dimensions-104 x 75 mm

Strength-23.10.8 kN


Brand: Ocun

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