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Friction protectors for Mechanics hockey lenses. Perfectly protects the plots and are very flexible thanks to which they are not exposed to breakage. Universal size. Price for a couple. Color sent randomly.

Brand: Mechanics


Corvette Jacking Lift Puck, Heavy Duty for C5,Z06,C6,Z06,Grand Sport

corvette jacking lift puck heavy duty for z z grand sport

  1. This is the cheapest insurance you can buy for your car.
  2. These Jacking Pucks will prevent any possible body damage related to lifting the C5 and C6.
  3. Whether your using a floor jack or a hoist, this is the protection your car deserves.
  4. I bought these in a time crunch to get the car off the ground and get work moving.
  5. While they can work, they will not conveniently lock into place on the Z06 or ZR1 aluminum frames due to different dimensions used.
  6. I ordered this 4 pack of jacking pucks and when the order arrived there was only 3 pucks in the box, so I called West Coast Corvettes direct and had the missing puck in 2 days.
  7. The customer service lady handled my problem quickly and kept me a happy customer as I have ordered from West Coast Corvettes many times.
  8. If you need Corvette products look no further than these folks.
  9. Attached photo is of my Son and my Velocity Yellow Corvette.
  10. I bought these jacking pucks thinking they’d be different and sturdier.
  11. When I received them, I immediately noticed that they are the exact same as the hockey pucks I bought for dirt cheap except with a bolt to keep them in place.
  12. After a few uses, the jacking puck has started deteriorating and the bolt is coming loose.
  13. What you have here is something you could put together at home.
  14. I feel silly paying for this knowing i could have just bought some hockey pucks.
  15. The eye holes USUALLY can stay in the slot on the cars, but since it is not made for it, they occasionally fall out and it can be a little frustrating.
  16. Since the car would be on jack stands for a week, I decided to purchase these to protect the outer frame lift locations.
  17. First, they don’t stay in the frame like some of the more expensive ones do after inserting and turning 1/4 turn, this was expected due to the simple design.
  18. Second, I wanted the washers to be flush with the rubber, so after tightening them up, I had to cut the extra 3/16 shaft off.
  19. Finally, these are probably just hockey pucks and I could have built my own I suppose.
  20. Not to much hassle for the money and they worked great.
  21. My car sat right on the steel lifting bars and it cracked my rocker panel on the passenger side.
  24. First of all, after lifting my 2007 Corvette Z06 3 times using one of the 4 pucks, it just cracked all around.
  25. The rubber just gave out and it is not safe any longer to be used.
  26. Secondly, the “bolt” that is supposed to fit the chassis of the advertise corvettes (including mine) won’t fit.
  27. The pucks are supposed to stay in place while you adjust the jack to it.

Buy Corvette Jacking Lift Puck, Heavy Duty for C5,Z06,C6,Z06,Grand Sport here $42.95

Skate Anytime Synthetic Ice Starter Kit

skate anytime synthetic ice starter kit

  1. It allows the young hockey player to work on shooting and stickhandling skills while wearing skates.
  2. A perfect way to practice the fundamental mechanics and techniques of moving the puck while distributing weight from one skate to the other.
  3. The 8-panel kit is perfect for the garage or basement and is easily installed and moved to a new location.
  4. So I lay it out- pound the 8 rectangular panels together.
  5. I figured it was just a generic thing but I noticed, in red capital letters, a message saying if you are not happy with the product, contact us.
  6. THEN I tried two more things he suggested to make it work better.
  7. To the touch it was a really odd combination of water and plastic– it reminded me of slush.
  8. I could do 1 foot glides 2 foot glides, turns, stroking.
  9. Swizzles were hard, but I think that’s only because I’m skating on a 25′ surface and they usually go across a long distance.
  10. He’s 12 and put it together no problem and was shooting pucks in no time!<
  11. My sister was able to assemble it in a few minutes and since then the kids have been in the basement working on their puck handling.
  12. I liked the fact that the product is expandable so we can obtain additional panels to increase the size of the surface.
  13. The Skate Anytime product feels more durable and I was impressed with the ease of assembly and how smoothly skates glide.
  14. At first glance, synthetic ice is not inexpensive, however, when I thought of the product a piece of “equipment” it made a lot more sense.
  15. Hockey equipment (gloves, skates, pads, etc) is historically expensive.
  16. When viewed as training tool that allows the player to develop their skills at home, the value made a lot more sense to me.
  17. Everyday this summer they were out there on their ice skates skating on our drive way!

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